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TH Tan, MM Garbi, E Abu-Shah, J Li, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, K Keren, CF Schmidt, N Fakhri

Self-organization of stress patterns drives state transitions in actin cortices


D Vorselen, FC MacKintosh, WH Roos, GJL Wuite

Balance between bending and internal pressure determines the nano-mechanics of small liposomes



HCG de Cagny, BE Vos, M Vahabi, NA Kurniawan, M Doi, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, D Bonn

Porosity governs normal stresses in polymer gels

Phys Rev Lett, in press and arXiv:1605.04139.

A Sharma, AJ Licup, R Rens, M Vahabi, KA Jansen, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh

Strain-driven criticality underlies nonlinear mechanics of fibrous networks
Phys Rev E, 94: 042407 (2016).

R Rens, M Vahabi, AJ Licup, FC MacKintosh, A Sharma

Nonlinear mechanics of athermal branched biopolymer networks
J Phys Chem B, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.6b00259

J Gladrow, N Fakhri, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt, CP Broedersz

Broken detailed balance of filament dynamics in active networks

Phys Rev Lett, 116: 248301 (2016) and arXiv:1603:04783

A Sharma, AJ Licup, KA Jansen, R Rens, M Sheinman, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh

Strain-controlled criticality governs the nonlinear mechanics of fiber networks
Nature Physics, 12: 584 (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nphys3628 and arXiv:1506.07792

M Sheinman, A Sharma and FC MacKintosh

Anomalous discontinuity at percolation critical point in active gels - Reply

Phys Rev Lett, 116, 189802 (2016).

C Battle, CP Broedersz, N Fakhri, VF Geyer, J Howard, CF Schmidt, FC MacKintosh
Broken detailed balance at mesoscopic scales in active biological systems

Science, 352: 604 (2016). DOI: 10.1126/science.aac8167

AJ Licup, A Sharma and FC MacKintosh

Elastic Regimes of sub-isostatic athermal fiber networks

Phys Rev E, 93: 012407 (2016) and arXiv:1509.09212.

ASG van Oosten, M Vahabi, AJ Licup, A Sharma, PA Galie, FC MacKintosh, PA Janmey

Uncoupling shear and uniaxial elastic moduli of semiflexible biopolymer networks: compression-softening and stretch-stiffening

Scientific Reports, 6:19270 (2016).

JJB Messelink, R Rens, M Vahabi, FC MacKintosh, A Sharma

On-site residence time in a driven diffusive system: violation and recovery of mean-field

Phys Rev E, 93: 012119 (2016) and arXiv:1509.05335

M Dennison, M Jaspers, PH. Kouwer, C Storm, AE Rowan, FC MacKintosh
Critical behaviour in the elastic response of hydrogels
Soft Matter, 12: 6995 (2016).

M Vahabi, A Sharma, AJ Licup, ASG van Oosten, PA Galie, PA Janmey, FC MacKintosh

Elasticity of fibrous networks under axial prestress
Soft Matter, 12: 5050-5060 (2016), DOI: 10.1039/c6sm00606j and arXiv:1603.03239

IK Piechocka, KA Jansen, CP Broedersz, NA Kurniawan, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Multi-scale strain-stiffening of semiflexible bundle networks
Soft Matter, 12: 2145 (2016) and arXiv:1206.3894


MC Wigbers, FC MacKintosh, M Dennison

Stability and entropic elasticity of sub isostatic random-bond networks

Phys Rev E, 92: 042145 (2015). (arXiv:1410.7860)

AJ Licup, S Muenster, A Sharma, M Sheinman, LM Jawerth, B Fabry, DA Weitz and FC MacKintosh

Stress controls the mechanics of collagen networks

PNAS, 112: 9573 (2015). (arXiv:1503.00924)

M Sheinman, A Sharma, J Alvarado, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh
Inherently unstable networks collapse to a critical point
Phys Rev E, 92: 012710 (2015).

K Smith, B Griffin, H Byrd, FC MacKintosh, ML Kilfoil
Nonthermal Fluctuations of the mitotic spindle
Soft Matter, 11: 4396 (2015).

HD Vuijk, R Rens, M Vahabi, FC MacKintosh, A Sharma

Driven diffusive systems with mutually interactive Langmuir kinetics
Phys Rev E, 91: 032143 (2015).

M Sheinman, A Sharma, J Alvarado, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh
Anomalous discontinuity at the percolation critical point of active gels
Phys Rev Lett, 114: 098104 (2015). (cover image)


M Jaspers, M Dennison, MFJ Mabesoone, FC MacKintosh, AE Rowan and PHJ Kouwer

Ultra-responsive soft matter from strain-stiffening hydrogels

Nature Comm., 5: 5808 (2014).

M Guo, AJ Ehrlicher, MH Jensen, M Renz, JR Moore, RD Goldman, J Lippincott-Schwartz, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Force Spectrum Microscopy: a new probe of stochastic properties of molecular motors in cells
Cell, 158: 822 (2014).

N Fakhri, AD Wessel, C Willms, M Pasquali, DR Klopfenstein, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt

High resolution mapping of intracellular fluctuations using carbon nanotubes
Science, 344: 1031 (2014).

CP Broedersz and FC MacKintosh
Modeling semiflexible polymer networks
Rev Mod Phys, 86: 995 (2014).

PA Janmey and FC MacKintosh
Cytoplasmic transport: bacteria turn to glass unless kicked
Current Biology, 24: R226 (2014).

D Vorselen, WH Roos, FC MacKintosh, GJL Wuite and JJWA van Loon
The role of the cytoskeleton in sensing changes in gravity by non-specialized cells

FASEB Journal, 28: 534 (2014).

M Atakhorrami, GH Koenderink, JF Palierne, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt
Scale-dependent nonaffine elasticity of semiflexible polymer networks
Phys Rev Lett, 112: 088101 (2014).


A Sharma, M Sheinman, K Heidemann, F C MacKintosh
Elastic response of filamentous networks with compliant crosslinks
Phys Rev E, 88: 052705.

M Dennison, M Sheinman, C Storm, FC MacKintosh
Fluctuation-stabilized marginal networks and anomalous entropic elasticity
Phys Rev Lett, 111: 095503 (2013).

J Alvarado, M Sheinman, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Molecular motors robustly drive active gels to a critically connected state
Nature Physics, 9: 591 (2013).
Preprint: arXiv:1302.2798 (first version, contact me for revised version).

JMY Carrillo, FC MacKintosh, AV Dobrynin
Nonlinear elasticity: from single chain to networks and gels
Macromolecules, 46: 3679 (2013).

NY Yao, CP Broedersz, M Depken, DJ Becker, MR Pollak, FC MacKintosh and DA Weitz
Stress-enhanced Gelation: A Dynamic Nonlinearity of Elasticity

Phys Rev Lett, 110: 018103 (2013).


M Sheinman, CP Broedersz and FC MacKintosh
Actively stressed marginal networks
Phys Rev Lett, 109: 238101 (2012).

B Stuhrmann, M Soares e Silva, M Depken, FC MacKintosh, and GH Koenderink
Nonequilibrium fluctuations of a remodeling in vitro cytoskeleton

Phys Rev E, 86: 020901(R) (2012).

FC MacKintosh
Active diffusion: The erratic dance of chromosomal loci (Commentary)
PNAS, 109: 7138 (2012).

M Sheinman, CP Broedersz and FC MacKintosh
Nonlinear effective medium theory of disordered spring networks
Phys Rev E, 85: 021801 (2012).

CP Broedersz, M Sheinman and FC MacKintosh

Length-controlled elasticity in 3D fiber networks

Phys Rev Lett, 108: 078102 (2012).


M Das and FC MacKintosh
Mechanics of soft composites of rods in elastic gels
Phys Rev E
, 84: 061906 (2011).

CP Broedersz, X Mao, TC Lubensky, FC MacKintosh

Criticality and isostaticity in fiber networks
Nature Physics, 7: 983 (2011).
Preprint: arXiv:1011.6535 (first version, contact me for revised version).

NY Yao, D Becker, CP Broedersz, M Depken, FC MacKintosh, MR Pollak, DA Weitz

Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Actin Transiently Cross-linked with Mutant α-Actinin-4

J Molecular Biology, 411: 1062 (2011).

FC MacKintosh
Active gels: Motors keep dynamics steady (News and Views)
Nature Materials, 10: 414 (2011).

M Soares e Silva, M Depken, B Stuhrmann, M Korsten, FC MacKintosh, and GH Koenderink
Active multistage coarsening of actin networks driven by myosin motors
PNAS, 108: 9408 (2011).

ME Cates and FC MacKintosh
Active Soft Matter
Soft Matter, 7: 3050 (2011).

CP Broedersz and FC MacKintosh
Molecular motors stiffen non-affine semiflexible polymer networks
Soft Matter, 7: 3186 (2011).

YC Lin, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Control of non-linear elasticity in F-actin networks with microtubules
Soft Matter, 7: 902 (2011).


N Fakhri, FC MacKintosh, B Lounis, L Cognet, Matteo Pasquali
Brownian motion of stiff filaments in a crowded environment
Science, 330: 1804 (2010).

CP Broedersz, M Depken, NY Yao, MR Pollak, DA Weitz, FC MacKintosh
Cross-link governed dynamics of biopolymer networks
Physical Review Letters, 105: 238101 (2010).

M Das and FC MacKintosh
Poisson's ratio in composite elastic media with rigid rods
Physical Review Letters, 105: 138102 (2010).

KE Kasza, CP Broedersz, GH Koenderink, YC Lin, W Messner, EA Millman, F Nakamura, TP Stossel, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Actin length tunes elasticity of flexibly cross-linked actin networks
Biophysical Journal, 99: 1091 (2010).

CP Broedersz, KE Kasza, LM Jawerth, S Muenster, DA Weitz, FC MacKintosh
Measurement of nonlinear rheology of cross-linked biopolymer gels
Soft Matter, 6: 4120 (2010).

YC Lin, CP Broedersz, AC Rowat, T Wedig, H Herrmann, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Divalent cations crosslink vimentin intermediate filament tail domains to regulate network mechanics
Journal of Molecular Biology, 399: 637 (2010).

IK Piechocka, M Bacabac, M Potters, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Structural hierarchy governs fibrin gel mechanics
Biophysical Journal, 98: 2281 (2010).

NY Yao, CP Broedersz, YC Lin, KE Kasza, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Elasticity in ionically cross-linked neurofilament networks

Biophysical Journal, 98: 2147 (2010).

B van den Broek, MC Noom, J van Mameren, C Battle, FC MacKintosh, GJL Wuite
Visualizing the formation and collapse of DNA toroids
Biophysical Journal, 98: 1902 (2010).

GH Koenderik and FC MacKintosh
Actieve materialeigenschappen van de levende cel
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde, 76: (5) 146 (2010).

LC Kapitein, MA Schlager, M Kuijpers, PS Wulf, M van Spronsen, FC MacKintosh, CC Hogenraad
Mixed microtubules steer dynein-driven cargo transport into dendrites
Current Biology, 20: 290 (2010).

FC MacKintosh and CF Schmidt
Active cellular materials
Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 22: 29 (2010).

YC Lin, NY Yao, C Broedersz, H Herrmann, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Origins of elasticity in intermediate filament networks
Physical Review Letters, 104: 058101 (2010).

D Sept and FC MacKintosh
Microtubule elasticity: connecting all-atom simulations with continuum mechanics
Physical Review Letters, 104: 018101 (2010).


C Battle, B van den Broek, MC Noom, J van Mameren, GJL Wuite, FC MacKintosh
Unraveling DNA tori under tension
Physical Review E, 80: 031917 (2009).

CP Brangwynne, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Intracellular transport by active diffusion
Trends in Cell Biology, 19: 423 (2009).

GH Koenderink, Z Dogic, F Nakamura, PM Bendix, FC MacKintosh, JH Hartwig, TP Stossel, DA Weitz
An active biopolymer network controlled by molecular motors
Proc Nat Acad Sci, 106: 15192 (2009).

CP Broedersz, C Storm, FC MacKintosh
Effective medium approach for stiff polymer networks with flexible cross-links
Physical Review E, 79: 061914 (2009).

KE Kasza, GH Koenderink, YC Lin, CP Broedersz, W Messner, F Nakamura, TP Stossel, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz,
Nonlinear elasticity of stiff biopolymers connected by flexible linkers
Physical Review E, 79: 041928 (2009).

E Conti and FC MacKintosh
Crosslinked networks of stiff polymers exhibit negative normal stress
Physical Review Letters, 102: 088102 (2009).

H Kang, Q Wen, PA Janmey, JX Tang, E Conti and FC MacKintosh
Non-linear elasticity of stiff filament networks: strain stiffening, negative normal stress, and filament alignment in fibrin gels
J Phys Chem, 113: 3799 (2009).

AJ Levine and FC MacKintosh
The mechanics and fluctuation spectrum of active gels
J Phys Chem, 113: 3820 (2009). (preprint)


S Jabbari-Farouji, M Atakhorram, D Mizuno, E Eiser, GH Wegdam, FC MacKintosh, D Bonn, CF Schmidt
High-bandwidth viscoelastic properties of aging colloidal glasses and gels

Physical Review E, 78:061402 (2008).

CP Brangwynne, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Cytoplasmic diffusion: molecular motors mix it up
J Cell Biology, 183: 583-587 (2008).

D Mizuno, DA Head, FC MacKintosh and CF Schmidt
Active and passive microrheology in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems
Macromolecules, 41:7194 (2008).

S Jabbari-Farouji, D Mizuno, D Derks, GH Wegdam, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt, D Bonn
Effective temperatures from the fluctuation-dissipation measurements in soft glassy materials
Europhysics Letters, 84:20006 (2008).

M Das, AJ Levine, FC MacKintosh
Buckling and force propagation along intracellular microtubules
Europhysics Letters, 84:18003 (2008)

CP Broedersz, C Storm, FC MacKintosh
Nonlinear elasticity of composite networks of stiff biopolymers with flexible linkers
Physical Review Letters, 101: 118103 (2008).

RG Bacabac, D Mizuno, CF Schmidt, FC MacKintosh, JJWA van Loon, J Klein-Nulend, TH Smit
Round versus flat: Bone cell morphology, elasticity, and mechanosensing
Journal of Biomechanics, 41: 1590 (2008).

M Atakhorram, D Mizuno, GH Koenderink, TB Liverpool, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt
Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids measured with Brownian motion and
with active probes

Physical Review E, 77: 061508 (2008).

CP Brangwynne, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Non-equilibrium microtubule fluctuations in a model cytoskeleton
Physical Review Letters, 100:118104 (2008).

FC MacKintosh and AJ Levine
Non-equilibrium mechanics and dynamics of motor-activated gels
Physical Review Letters, 100:018104 (2008).


CP Brangwynne, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Force fluctuations and polymerization dynamics of intracellular microtubules
PNAS, 104:16128 (2007).

Y.-C. Lin, G.H. Koenderink, F.C. MacKintosh, D.A. Weitz
Viscoelastic properties of microtubule networks
Macromolecules, 40:7714 (2007).

M Das, FC MacKintosh, and AJ Levine
Effective medium theory of semiflexible filamentous networks
Physical Review Letters, 99:038101 (2007).

J Liu, GH Koenderink, KE Kasza, FC MacKintosh, DA Weitz
Visualizing the strain field in semiflexible polymer networks: strain fluctuations and nonlinear rheology of F-actin gels
Physical Review Letters, 98:198304 (2007).

CP Brangwynne, GH Koenderink, E Barry, Z Dogic, FC MacKintosh and DA Weitz
Bending dynamics of fluctuating biopolymers probed by automated high-resolution filament tracking
Biophysical Journal, 93:346 (2007).

D Mizuno, C Tardin, CF Schmidt, FC MacKintosh
Nonequilibrium mechanics of active cytoskeletal networks
Science, 315:370. (2007) (abstract and full text)

PA Janmey, ME McCormick, S Rammensee, JL Leight, PC Georges, and FC MacKintosh
Negative normal stress in semiflexible biopolymer gels
Nature Materials, 6: 48 (2007).

S Jabbari-Farouji, D Mizuno, M Atakhorrami, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt, E Eiser, GH Wegdam, D Bonn
Fluctuation-dissipation theorem in an aging colloidal glass
Physical Review Letters, 98:108302 (2007).


A Vatsa, D Mizuno, TH Smit, CF Schmidt, FC MacKintosh, J Klein-Nulend
Bio imaging of intracellular nitric oxide production in single bone cells after mechanical stimulation
J Bone and Mineral Research 21:1722 (2006).

V.D. Gordon, P.A. Beales, Z. Zhao, C. Blake, F.C. MacKintosh, P.D. Olmsted, M.E. Cates, S.U. Egelhaaf, and W.C. K. Poon

Lipid organization and the morphology of solid-like domains in phase-separating binary lipid membranes
J Phys Cond Matt 18: L415 (2006).

IAT Schaap, C Carrasco, PJ de Pablo, FC MacKintosh and CF Schmidt
Elastic response, buckling, and instability of microtubules under radial indentation
Biophysical Journal 91:1521 (2006).

CP Brangwynne, FC MacKintosh, S Kumar, L Mahadevan, N Geisse, KK Parker, DE Ingber, DA Weitz
Compressive buckling of reinforced microtubules and the composite network behavior of living cells
J Cell Biology 173: 733-741 (2006).

M. Atakhorrami, J.I. Kwiecińska, K.M. Addas, G.H. Koenderink, J.X. Tang, A.J. Levine, F.C. MacKintosh, and C.F. Schmidt
Correlated fluctuations of microparticles in viscoelastic solutions: quantitative measurement of material properties by microrheology in the presence of optical traps
Physical Review E, 73: 061501 (2006).

G.H. Koenderink, M. Atakhorrami, F.C. MacKintosh, and C.F. Schmidt
High-frequency stress relaxation in semiflexible polymer solutions and networks
Physical Review Letters 96: 138307 (2006).


DA Head, AJ Levine, FC MacKintosh
The mechanical response of semiflexible networks to localized perturbations
Physical Review E 72: 061914 (2005).

M. Atakhorrami, G.H. Koenderink, C.F. Schmidt, and F.C. MacKintosh
Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids: observation of vortex propagation
Phys Rev Lett 95: 208302 (2005).

TB Liverpool and FC MacKintosh
Inertial effects in the response of viscous and viscoelastic fluids
Phys Rev Lett 95: 208303 (2005). (PDF)

JS van Zon and FC MacKintosh
Velocity distributions in dilute granular systems
Phys Rev E 72: 051301 (2005). (PDF)

C Storm, J Pastore, FC MacKintosh, TC Lubensky and PA Janmey
Nonlinear elasticity in biological gels
Nature 435: 191 (2005). (Link)

JL Harden, FC MacKintosh, and PD Olmsted
Budding and domain shape transformations in mixed lipid films and bilayer membranes
Physical Review E 72, 011903 (2005). (PDF)

M. Buchanan, M. Atakhorrami, J. F. Palierne, F. C. MacKintosh, and C. F. Schmidt
High-frequency microrheology of wormlike micelles
Phys Rev E 72, 011504 (2005). (PDF)

AJ Levine, DA Head, FC MacKintosh
Stress strain relations in semiflexible networks
Proc. XIVth Int. Congr. on Rheology (PDF)


ML Gardel, JH Shin, FC MacKintosh, L Mahadevan, PA Matsudaira, DA Weitz
Scaling of F-actin network rheology to probe single filament elasticity and dynamics
Phys Rev Lett 93, 188102 (2004). (PDF)

ML Gardel, JH Shin, FC MacKintosh, L Mahadevan, P Matsudaira, DA Weitz
Elastic behavior of crosslinked and bundled actin networks
Science 304: 1301 (2004). (Link)

JS van Zon and FC MacKintosh
Velocity distributions in dissipative granular gases
Phys Rev Lett 93, 038001 (2004). (PDF)

AJ Levine, TB Liverpool, FC MacKintosh
Dynamics of rigid and flexible extended bodies in viscous films and membranes
Phys Rev Lett 93, 038102 (2004). (PDF)

IL Ivanovska, PJ de Pablo, B Ibarra, G Sgalari, FC MacKintosh, JL Carrascosa, CF Schmidt and GJL Wuite
Bacteriophage capsids: tough nano-shells with complex elastic properties
PNAS 101, 7600 (2004). (Link)

AJ Levine, DA Head, FC MacKintosh
Deformation field in semiflexible networks
J Phys: Cond Mat 16: S2079 (2004).(PDF)

AJ Levine, TB Liverpool, FC MacKintosh
Mobility of extended bodies in viscous films and membranes
Physical Review E 69, 021503 (2004). (PDF)

A Montesi, M Pasquali, FC MacKintosh
Collapse of a semiflexible polymer in poor solvent
Physical Review E 69, 021916 (2004). (PDF)


DA Head, AJ Levine, FC MacKintosh
Distinct regimes of elastic response and deformation modes of cross-linked cytoskeletal and semiflexible polymer networks
Physical Review E 68, 061907 (2003). (PDF)

PJ de Pablo, IAT Schaap, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt
Deformation and buckling of microtubules on the nanometer scale
Physical Review Letters 91: 098101 (2003).(PDF)

DA Head, FC MacKintosh, AJ Levine
Non–universality of elastic exponents in random bond–bending networks
Physical Review E 68, 025101(R) (2003). (PDF)

DA Head, AJ Levine, FC MacKintosh
Deformation of crosslinked semiflexible polymer networks
Physical Review Letters 91 108102 (2003).(PDF)


AJ Levine and FC MacKintosh
Dynamics of viscoelastic membranes
Phys Rev E 66, 061606 (2002). (PDF)

B Schnurr, F Gittes, FC MacKintosh
Metastable intermediates in the condensation of semiflexible polymers
Phys Rev E 65, 061904 (2002). (PDF)


C-M Chen, CF Schmidt, PD Olmsted, and FC MacKintosh
Instability of myelin tubes under dehydration: Deswelling of layered cylindrical structures
Phys. Rev. E 64, 050903(R) (2001). (PDF)

E Helfer, S Harlepp, L Bourdieu, J Robert, FC MacKintosh, and D Chatenay
Buckling of actin-coated membranes under application of a local force
Phys Rev Lett 87, 088103 (2001). (PDF)

E Helfer, S Harlepp, L Bourdieu, J Robert, FC MacKintosh, and D Chatenay
Viscoelastic properties of actin coated membranes
Phys Rev E 63, 021904 (2001). (PDF)


B Schnurr, FC MacKintosh, and DRM Williams
Dynamical intermediates in the collapse of semiflexible polymers in poor solvents
Europhys Lett, 51, 279 –285 (2000). (PDF)

RE Mahaffy, CK Shih, FC MacKintosh, and J Kas
Scanning Probe-Based Frequency-Dependent Microrheology of Polymer Gels and Biological Cells
Phys Rev Lett 85, 880 (2000). (PDF)

E Helfer, S Harlepp, L Bourdieu, J Robert, FC MacKintosh, and D Chatenay
Microrheology of Biopolymer-Membrane Complexes
Phys Rev Lett 85, 457 (2000). (PDF)


FC MacKintosh and CF Schmidt
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 4, 300-307 (1999). (PDF)

R Oda, I Huc, M Schmutz, SJ Candau, and FC MacKintosh
Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions
Nature 399, 566 (1999).

F Gittes and FC MacKintosh
Dynamic shear modulus of a semiflexible polymer network
Phys Rev E 58, R1241 (1998). (PDF)

B. Schnurr, F Gittes, FC MacKintosh, and CF Schmidt,
Determining microscopic viscoelasticity in flexible and semiflexible polymer networks from thermal fluctuations
Macromolecules 30, 7781-7792 (1997). (PDF)

F. Gittes, B Schnurr, PD Olmsted, FC MacKintosh, and CF Schmidt
Microscopic Viscoelasticity: Shear Moduli of Soft Materials Determined from Thermal Flucuations
Phys Rev Lett 79, 3286 (1997). (PDF)

C-M Chen, P Higgs, and FC MacKintosh
Theory of fission for two-component lipid vesicles
Phys Rev Lett 79, 1579 (1997). (PDF)

FC MacKintosh
Internal structures in membranes: ripples, hats, saddles, and egg cartons
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 2, 382 (1997).

FC MacKintosh and PA Janmey
Actin Gels
Current Opinion in Solid State & Material Science, 2, 350 (1997).

PD Olmsted and FC MacKintosh
Instability and Front Propagation in Lipid Bilayer Tubules
Journal de Physique II 7, 139 (1997).

DRM Williams and FC MacKintosh
Driven Granular Media
Phys. Rev. E 54, R9 (1996). (PDF)

C-M Chen and FC MacKintosh
Theory of Modulated Phases in Lipid Bilayers and Liquid Crystal Films
Phys. Rev. E 53, 4933 (1996).

JV Selinger, FC MacKintosh, and JM Schnur
Theory of Cylindrical Tubules and Helical Ribbons of Chiral Lipid Membranes
Phys. Rev. E 53, 5804 (1996).

FC MacKintosh, J Kas, and P Janmey
Elasticity of Semiflexible Biopolymer Networks
Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 4425 (1995).

DRM Williams and FC MacKintosh
Polymer Mushrooms Compressed Under Curved Surfaces
Journal de Physique II 5, 1407 (1995).

C-M Chen, FC MacKintosh, and DRM Williams
Swelling Kinetics of Layered Structures: Triblock Copolymer Mesogels
Langmuir 11, 2471 (1995).

C-M Chen and FC MacKintosh
Structural phase transitions in liquid crystal films induced by an applied electric field
Europhysics Letters 30, 215 (1995).

C-M Chen, TC Lubensky, and FC MacKintosh
Phase transitions and modulated phases in lipid bilayers
Phys. Rev. E 51, 504 (1995).

JL Harden and FC MacKintosh
Shape Transformations of Domains in Mixed Fluid Films and Bilayer Membranes
Europhysics Letters 28, 495 (1994).

DRM Williams and FC MacKintosh
Shear of Diblock Copolymer Lamellae: Width Changes and Undulational Instabilities
Macromolecules 27, 7677 (1994).

FC MacKintosh,

Mixed fluid bilayers - effects of confinement

Physical Review E 50: 2891 (1994).

TC Lubensky and FC MacKintosh
Theory of "Ripple" Phases of Lipid Bilayers
Phys Rev Lett 71: 1565 (1993).

FC MacKintosh and SA Safran

Phase-separation and curvature of bilayer membranes

Physical Review E 47: 1180 (1993).

J Park, TC Lubensky, and FC MacKintosh

N-atic order and continuous shape changes of deformable surfaces of genus zero

Europhysics Letters 20: 279 (1992).

SA Safran, PA Pincus, D Andelman, and FC MacKintosh

Stability and phase-behavior of mixed surfactant vesicles

Physical Review A 43: 1071 (1991).

SA Safran, FC MacKintosh, PA Pincus, and DA Andelman

Spontaneous vesicle formation by mixed surfactants

Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 84: 3 (1991).

FC MacKintosh and TC Lubensky

Orientational order, topology, and vesicle shapes

Physical Review Letters 67: 1169 (1991).

SA Safran, PA Pincus, ME Cates, and FC MacKintosh

Growth of charged micelles

Journal De Physique 51: 503 (1990).

FC MacKintosh, SA Safran, and PA Pincus

Self-assembly of linear aggregates - the effect of electrostatics on growth

Europhysics Letters 12: 697 (1990).

FC MacKintosh, SA Safran, and PA Pincus

Equilibrium size distribution of charged living polymers

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 3: SA359 (1990).

FC MacKintosh, JX Zhu, DJ Pine, and DA Weitz

Polarization memory of multiply scattered-light

Physical Review B 40: 9342 (1989).

FC MacKintosh and S John

Diffusing-wave spectroscopy and multiple-scattering of light in correlated random-media

Physical Review B 40: 2383 (1989).

FC MacKintosh and S John

Coherent backscattering of light in the presence of time- reversal-noninvariant and parity-nonconserving media

Physical Review B 37: 1884 (1988).

S Etemad, R Thompson, MJ Andrejco, S John, and FC MacKintosh

Weak localization of photons - termination of coherent random-walks by absorption and confined geometry

Phys Rev Lett 59: 1420 (1987).

FC MacKintosh, Z Wu, and W Happer

A measurement of the spin rotation coupling in naxe molecules

Physics Letters A 112: 435 (1985).

G Gabrielse and FC MacKintosh

Cylindrical penning traps with orthogonalized anharmonicity compensation

Int J Mass Spectrometry and Ion Processes 57: 1 (1984).

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