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Quasi 2-d hydrodynamics:

AJ Levine, TB Liverpool and FC MacKintosh:
Mobility of extended bodies in viscous films and membranes.
Physical Review E
, (2004). 69: 021503.

Levine, AJ, Liverpool, TB, and MacKintosh, FC:
Dynamics of rigid and flexible extended bodies in viscous films and membranes.
Physical Review Letters
, (2004). 93: 038102

AJ Levine and FC MacKintosh
Dynamics of viscoelastic membranes
Phys Rev E 66, 061606 (2002). (PDF)

Granular materials:

JS van Zon and FC MacKintosh,
Velocity distributions in dilute granular systems.
Physical Review E
, (2005). 72: 051301.

JS van Zon and FC MacKintosh:
Velocity distributions in dissipative granular gases.
Physical Review Letters
, (2004). 93: 038001.



S Jabbari-Farouji, D Mizuno, M Atakhorrami, FC MacKintosh, CF Schmidt, E Eiser, GH Wegdam, D Bonn
Fluctuation-dissipation theorem in an aging colloidal glass
Phys Rev Lett, 98:108302 (2007).

M. Atakhorrami, J.I. Kwiecińska, K.M. Addas, G.H. Koenderink, J.X. Tang, A.J. Levine, F.C. MacKintosh, and C.F. Schmidt,
Correlated fluctuations of microparticles in viscoelastic solutions: quantitative measurement of material properties by microrheology in the presence of optical traps
Phys Rev E, 73: 061501 (2006). (PDF)

G.H. Koenderink, M. Atakhorrami, F.C. MacKintosh, and C.F. Schmidt
High-frequency stress relaxation in semiflexible polymer solutions and networks
Phys Rev Lett 96: 138307 (2006)(PDF)

M. Atakhorrami, G.H. Koenderink, C.F. Schmidt, and F.C. MacKintosh
Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids: observation of vortex propagation
Phys Rev Lett 95: 208302 (2005). (PDF)

TB Liverpool and FC MacKintosh
Inertial effects in the response of viscous and viscoelastic fluids
Phys Rev Lett 95: 208303 (2005). (PDF)

M. Buchanan, M. Atakhorrami, J. F. Palierne, F. C. MacKintosh, and C. F. Schmidt
High-frequency microrheology of wormlike micelles
Phys Rev E 72, 011504 (2005). (PDF)

AJ Levine, TB Liverpool, FC MacKintosh
Dynamics of rigid and flexible extended bodies in viscous films and membranes
Phys Rev Lett 93, 038102 (2004). (PDF)

AJ Levine and FC MacKintosh
Dynamics of viscoelastic membranes
Phys Rev E 66, 061606 (2002). (PDF)

Semiflexible polymer gels & networks:

PA Janmey, ME McCormick, S Rammensee, J Leight, P Georges, and FC MacKintosh,
Negative normal stress in semiflexible biopolymer gels.
Nature Materials
, 6:48 (2007).
Abstract: When subject to stress or external loads, most materials resist deformation. Any stable material, for instance, resists compression—even liquids. Solids also resist simple shear deformations that conserve volume. Under shear, however, most materials also have a tendency to expand in the direction perpendicular to the applied shear stress, a response that is known as positive normal stress. For example, wet sand tends to dilate when sheared, and therefore dries around our feet when we walk on the beach. In the case of simple solids, elastic rods or wires tend to elongate when subject to torsion. Here, we show that networks of semiflexible biopolymers such as those that make up both the cytoskeleton of cells and the extracellular matrix exhibit the opposite tendency: when sheared between two plates, they tend to pull the plates together. We show that these negative normal stresses can be as large as the shear stress and that this property is directly related to the nonlinear strainstiffening behaviour of biopolymer gels.

DA Head, AJ Levine, and FC MacKintosh.
Mechanical response of semiflexible networks to localized perturbations.
Physical Review E
, (2005). 72: 061914.

AJ Levine, DA Head and FC MacKintosh:
The deformation field in semiflexible networks.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter
, (2004). 16: S2079-S2088.

Head, DA, Levine, AJ, and MacKintosh, FC:
Deformation of crosslinked semiflexible polymer networks.
Physical Review Letters
, (2003). 91: 108102.

Head, DA, Levine, AJ, and MacKintosh, FC:
Distinct regimes of elastic response and deformation modes of cross-linked cytoskeletal and semiflexible polymer networks,

Physical Review E
68, 061907 (2003).

Head, DA, MacKintosh, FC, and Levine, AJ:
Nonuniversality of elastic exponents in random bond-bending networks.
Physical Review E
, (2003). 68: 025101.

A Montesi, M Pasquali and FC MacKintosh:
Collapse of a semiflexible polymer in poor solvent.
Physical Review E
, (2004). 69: 021916.


JL Harden, FC MacKintosh, and PD Olmsted, Budding and domain shape transformations in mixed lipid films and bilayer membranes. Physical Review E, (2005). 72: 011903.

R Oda, I Huc, M Schmutz, SJ Candau, and FC MacKintosh
Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions
Nature 399, 566 (1999).

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