• Feb 2018 Just accepted by Nano Letters, our paper on intercalated DNA as 'universal' local tension sensor with optical read-out
  • Dec 2017 Our article on theoretical predictions and experimental confirmation of a new 'hyperstretched' state of DNA is now online at Nature Communications
  • Sep 2017 Open position: we are looking for a highly motivated PhD student to join our team for a new project on the physics of ice-binding proteins (Vacancy)
  • May 2017 I have been awarded an NWO-VIDI grant to study how ice binding proteins control ice crystal growth on the nanoscale!
  • Mar 2017 Our single-molecule study of DNA compaction by meiotic protein SYCP3 was accepted by eLife
  • Jul 2016 Our article that elucidates how cells can repair broken DNA was published in Nature
  • Jun 2015 Nature Communications published our extensive study of DNA intercalators and how they impact DNA and polymerase activity
  • Sep 2014 Ten years of Nature Methods illustrated by our method of STED nanoscopy on optically manipulated DNA
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