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Research articles:

P.A. Wiggins, R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom, and G.J.L. Wuite.
Protein mediated bridging motifs: a key mechanism in biopolymer organization.


M.C. Noom, W.W. Navarre, T. Oshima, G.J.L. Wuite, and R.T. Dame.
H-NS promotes looped domain formation in the bacterial chromosome.
Current Biology, R913-914, 2007.

R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom, and G.J.L. Wuite.
Bacterial chromatin organization by H-NS protein unraveled using dual DNA manipulation.
Nature 444, 387-90, 2006

S.R. Leliveld, R.T. Dame, G.J.L. Wuite, L. Stitz, and C. Korth
The expanded octarepeat domain selectively binds prions and disrupts homomeric prion protein interactions.
J. Biol. Chem. 281(6), 3268-75, 2006

R.T. Dame, J. van Mameren, M.S. Luijsterburg, M.E. Mysiak, G. Pazdzior, P.C. van der Vliet, C. Wyman, and G.J.L. Wuite
Simulation based estimation of protein-induced DNA bending by scanning force microscopy.
Nucl. Acids Res. 33(7), e68, 2005.

R.T. Dame, M.S. Luijsterburg, E. Krin, P.N. Bertin, R. Wagner, and G.J.L. Wuite
DNA bridging: a property shared among H-NS like proteins.
J. Bacteriol. 187, 1845-48, 2005.

J. van Noort, S. Verbrugge, N. Goosen, C. Dekker, and R.T. Dame
Dual architectural roles of HU: formation of flexible hinges and rigid filaments.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101(18), 6969-74, 2004.

S.R. Leliveld, R.T. Dame, J.L. Rohn, M.H. Noteborn, and J.P. Abrahams
Apoptin's functional N- and C-termini independently bind DNA.
FEBS Lett. 557, 155-58, 2004.

R.T. Dame and G.J.L. Wuite
On the role of H-NS in the organization of bacterial chromatin. From bulk to single molecules and back…
Biophys. J. 85, 4146-48, 2003.

S.R. Leliveld, R.T. Dame, M.A. Mommaas, H.K. Koerten, C. Wyman, A.A. Danen-van Oorschot, J.L. Rohn, M.H. Noteborn and J.P. Abrahams
Apoptin protein multimers form distinct higher-order nucleoprotein complexes with DNA.
Nucl. Acids Res. 31(16), 4805-13, 2003.

R.T. Dame and N. Goosen: HU
promoting or counteracting DNA compaction?
FEBS Lett., 529(2-3),151-6, 2002.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, R. Wurm, R. Wagner, and N. Goosen
Structural basis for H-NS mediated trapping of RNA polymerase in the open initiation complex at the rrnB P1.
J. Biol. Chem., 277(3), 2146-2150, 2002.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, and N. Goosen
Structural basis for preferential binding of H-NS to curved DNA.
Biochimie 83(2), 231-4, 2001.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, and N. Goosen
H-NS mediated compaction of DNA visualized by atomic force microscopy.
Nucl. Acids Res. 28(18), 3504-10, 2000.

G. Zuccheri, R.T. Dame, M. Aquila, I. Muzzalupo, and B. Samori'
Conformational fluctuations of supercoiled DNA molecules observed in real time with the scanning force microscope.
Appl. Phys. A 66, 585-9, 1998.

Reviews, Book contributions and Theses:

M.S. Luijsterburg, M.F. White, R. van Driel, and R.T. Dame
The major architects of chromatin: architectural proteins in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes.
Crit. Rev. Biochem. Mol. Biol. In press.

R.T. Dame
Single-molecule micromanipulation studies of DNA and architectural proteins.
Biochem. Soc. Trans. 36, 732-37, 2008.

M.S. Luijsterburg, M.C. Noom, G.J.L. Wuite, and R.T. Dame
The architectural role of nucleoid-associated proteins in the organization of bacterial chromatin: a molecular perspective.
J. Struct. Biol. 165(2), 262-72, 2006

R.T. Dame
The role of nucleoid-associated proteins in the organization and compaction of bacterial chromatin.
Mol. Microbiol. 56(4), 858-70, 2005.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, and N. Goosen
Insights into the regulation of transcription by scanning force microscopy.
J. Microsc. 244-53, 2003.

R.T. Dame
Architectural roles of H-NS and HU in DNA compaction and transcription regulation.
PhD Thesis, Leiden University, 2003.

R.T. Dame, C. Wyman, and N. Goosen
Analysis of transcription and its regulation by scanning force microscopy.
In: Science, technology and education of microscopy. Mendez-Vilas ed., 588-96, 2002.

R.T. Dame
Structure and dynamics of DNA molecules: A dual approach combining biochemistry and atomic force microscopy.
MSc Thesis, University of Amsterdam, 1997.