14/10/2018 Our paper "Single-Molecule Turnarounds of Intraflagellar Transport at the C. elegans Ciliary Tip" Check it out here

03/10/2018 Our paper "Interplay between Ciliary Ultrastructure and IFT-Train Dynamics Revealed by Single-Molecule Super-resolution Imaging" is online at Cell Reports. Check it out here.

29/09/2018 Vandana Singh Kushwaha successfully defended her thesis "Kinesin motor stepping challanged: the impact of traffic jams and temperature. Congratulations, Vandana!"

6/3/2018 Great news: I obtained an ERC Advanced Grant (M€2.5) for my project propsal "How intraflagellar transports shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study"! So soon we can expand our single-molecule fluorescence microscopy research in C. elegans!