KymographDirect & KymographClear

KymographDirect and KymographClear are two open-source tools for the automated analysis of kymographs, developed in our lab.

KymographClear is a macro toolset for the popular image-processing tool ImageJ to generate high-quality kymographs.
KymographDirect is a stand-alone application to extract quantitative information from kymograph, in an automated way, with unprecedented accuracy and robustness.

Both programs and their source code are available from:


IFT Turnaround Simulations

National Instruments Labview program (vi) used for simulating motor turnaround in C. elegans cilia during intraflagellar transport. This software was developed for and used in Prevo et al., Nature Cell Biology 17, 1536–1545 (2015) doi:10.1038/ncb3263. A zip file can be downloaded here.