10/07/2018 We are looking for new colleagues (PhD student or Postdoc) to join our team working on fluorescence imaging of intraflagellar transport and chemosensing in living C. elegans, as part of the ERC-Advanced research project HITSCIL. For more details look here.

6/3/2018 Great news: I obtained an ERC Advanced Grant (M€2.5) for my project propsal "How intraflagellar transports shapes the cilium: a single-molecule systems study"! So soon we can expand our single-molecule fluorescence microscopy research in C. elegans!

9/2/2018 Jona Mijalkovic successfully defended her thesis: "Ensemble and single-molecule dynamics of intraflagellar transport in C. elegans. Congratulations, Jona!

18/12/2017 I won the NWO Physics Valorization Prize together with my colleague, Gijs Wuite!