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K. Scharnhorst, D. Robaschik, E. Wieczorek: Radiative corrections to the Casimir effect at finite temperature - Real time formalism. IfH Berlin-Zeuthen Preprint PHE 85-13, 40 pp.. Institut für Hochenergiephysik (IfH), Berlin-Zeuthen, 1985. [INSPIRE record]

Abstract: The functional integral approach to real time quantum field theory at finite temperature is reconsidered to include boundary conditions for the electromagnetic field strength tensor on ideal conducting plates. The expression for the generating functional for real time thermodynamic Green's functions is worked out. Thereby a closed expression is obtained for the photon propagator at finite temperature respecting the appropriate boundary conditions. Within the real time formalism the well-known zero order results for enery, free energy and Casimir force are rederived. Using a special perturbation theoretic expansion of the free energy the second order radiative corrections to the Casimir effect for different physical situations are determined.

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