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K. Scharnhorst: A special irreducible matrix representation of the real Clifford algebra C(3,1). Journal of Mathematical Physics 40:7(1999)3616-3631 (DOI: 10.1063/1.532912) [Humboldt University Berlin Preprint HUB-EP-97/83, arXiv:hep-th/9712113]. [INSPIRE record]

Abstract: 4×4 Dirac (gamma) matrices [irreducible matrix representations of the Clifford algebras C(3,1), C(1,3), C(4,0)] are an essential part of many calculations in quantum physics. Although the final physical results do not depend on the applied representation of the Dirac matrices (e.g., due to the invariance of traces of products of Dirac matrices), the appropriate choice of the representation used may facilitate the analysis. The present paper introduces a particularly symmetric real representation of 4×4 Dirac matrices (Majorana representation) which may prove useful in the future. As a by-product, a compact formula for (transformed) Pauli matrices is found. The consideration is based on the role played by isoclinic 2-planes in the geometry of the real Clifford algebra C(3,0) which provide an invariant geometric frame for it. It can be generalized to larger Clifford algebras.

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