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K. Scharnhorst: The exact equivalence of the one-flavour lattice Thirring model with Wilson fermions to a two-colour loop model. Nuclear Physics B 503(1997)479-504 [hep-lat/9611005, University of Wales Swansea Preprint SWAT/96/131, Humboldt University Berlin Preprint HUB-EP-96/56] (DOI: 10.1016/S0550-3213(97)00423-9). [SPIRES record]

Abstract: Within Euclidean lattice field theory an exact equivalence between the one-flavour 2D Thirring model with Wilson fermions and Wilson parameter r = 1 to a two-colour loop model on the square lattice is established. For non-interacting fermions this model reduces to an exactly solved loop model which is known to be a free fermion model. The two-colour loop model equivalent to the Thirring model can also be understood as a 4-state 49-vertex model.

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