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K. Scharnhorst: A functional integral equation for the complete effective action in quantum field theory. International Journal of Theoretical Physics 36:2(1997)281-343 (DOI: 10.1007/BF02435737) [University of Leipzig Preprint NTZ 16/1993, arXiv:hep-th/9312137; published version abbreviated]. [INSPIRE record]

Abstract: Based on a methodological analysis of the effective action approach, certain conceptual foundations of quantum field theory are reconsidered to establish a quest for an equation for the effective action. Relying on the functional integral formulation of Lagrangian quantum field theory, we propose a functional integral equation for the complete effective action which can be understood as a certain fixed-point condition. This is motivated by a critical attitude towards the distinction, artificial from an experimental point of view, between classical and effective action. While for free field theories nothing new is accomplished, for interacting theories the concept differs from the established paradigm. The analysis of this new concept concentrates on gauge field theories, treating QED as the prototype model. An approximative approach to the functional integral equation for the complete effective action of QED is exploited to obtain certain nonperturbative information about the quadratic kernels of the action. As a particular application the approximative calculation of the QED coupling constant alpha is explicitly studied. It is understood as one of the characteristics of a fixed point given as a solution of the functional integral equation proposed. Finally, within the present approach the vacuum energy problem is considered, as are possible implications for the concept of induced gravity.

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