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M. Bordag, D. Hennig, D. Robaschik, K. Scharnhorst, E. Wieczorek: Delta potentials on planes in QED. In: H.D. Doebner, W. Scherer, F. Schroeck, Jr. (Eds.): Classical and Quantum Systems: Foundations and Symmetries, Proceedings of the II. International Wigner Symposium, Goslar, Germany, July 16-20 1991. World Scientific, Singapore 1993, pp. 571-576. [SPIRES record]

Abstract: QED is considered in the presence of delta shaped external gauge potentials with support on one or two planes. Using the propagators determined in these special field configurations the parameter dependence of the vacuum energy (similar to the Casimir effect) is calculated. Thereby, it turns out that also in the case of massive fields nonrelativistic field theory is unable to approximate the results of relativistic field theory. Surprisingly, a parallel calculation using the zeta function method leads to a wrong result if one does not investigate the nonleading terms carefully. First loop calculations exhibit an unexpected renormalization behaviour which may be typical for certain singular background fields.

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