Undergraduate Projects

A new determination of the proton-electron mass ratio

Currently we are installing an experimental setup aimed at a new determination of one of the most fundamental quantities in physics, the proton-electron mass ratio m. We will follow a strategy which was proposed already in the 1970s, and which amounts to measuring the frequency of vibrations of the 'proton2-electron' molecule, the molecular hydrogen ion H2+. Our approach will be to perform high-precision laser spectroscopy on trapped molecular ions, sympathetically laser-cooled to several millikelvins above absolute zero temperature.

The details of our setup cover a wide range of experimental techniques. Keywords are state-of-the-art laser systems, ultrahigh vacuum apparatus, electronics, and sophisticated computer control. Our team, currently consisting of one PI, one PhD student, one undergraduate student and one technician, is looking for reinforcement! The experiment will offer prospective undergraduate students decent training in widely-used experimental techniques, while contributing to research that is aimed at becoming the world's state of the art. Successful completion of the undergraduate reserach will put the candidate in an excellent starting position for a continued career in both experimental physics and industry.

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