Quantum Metrology and Laser Applications



Activities in the Quantum Metrology and Laser Applications group, part of LaserLaB Amsterdam, concentrate on the development of advanced lasers, such as frequency comb lasers, ultrastable lasers, extreme ultraviolet lasers and TeraWatt short pulse lasers, and methods to cool, manipulate and trap atoms, molecules and ions for the purpose of performing precision tests of fundamental physics theories.

In addition we perform applied spectroscopic studies in a wide range of topics such as (i) atmospheric optics, spectroscopy and light scattering, (ii) spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant gas-phase species, (iii) coherent control of molecular dynamics, (iv) mass-selective detection of chirality, (v) optical time and frequency distribution through telecom fiber, and (vi) the development of miniature lasers for length measurement, e.g. in space.

Our research is funded by NWO, FOM, Chemical Sciences, STW and European programs like ERC, Marie Curie ITN, and Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives. In collaboration with KVI Groningen we run the FOM Program “Broken Mirrors and Drifting Constants”.


Precision Spectroscopy and the Time Variation of Fundamental Constants; Astrophysics
Prof. Wim M.G. Ubachs

Ultra Fast Laser Physics and Precision Metrology
Prof. Kjeld S.E. Eikema

Theoretical Optics: Coherence Theory, Nano-Optics and Plasmonics
Prof. Taco D. Visser

Cold Molecules and Precision Tests
Prof. dr. Hendrick L. Bethlem

EUV Plasma processes
Dr. Oscar Versolato

Trapped Molecular Ions, Fiber-Optic Time and Frequency Distribution

Precision metrology of tritiated hydrogen

EUV Generation and Imaging
Dr. Stefan Witte

Cold Atoms and Quantum Gases: Metastable Helium
Dr. Wim Vassen (deceased)