The research of the Physics Department is organized in three strategic THEMES consisting of 5 research groups as shown in the organogram.

Physics of Life
Biophotonics & Medical Imaging
Physics of Living Systems

Physics of Energy
Biophysics of Photosynthesis / Physics of Energy
Photo Conversion Materials

Fundamental Physics
Atoms, Molecules & Lasers
Astro-Particle Physics

The first theme is in line with the strategic initiative of VU University on “Human Health and Life Science (H2LS), the second connects to the VU-initiative “Science for Sustainability” (S4S).

All our physics research activities take place in Research Institutes.
The in-house activities (at VU-Campus) are part of the VU-IOZi (Interfacultairy Research Institute): the Amsterdam Institute for Lasers, Life and Biophotonics, or LaserLaB.
The Astro-particle physics activities, focusing on LHCb and gravitational waves (VIRGO), are integrated in the national institute NIKHEF.
The Atoms, Molecules & Lasers group participates in Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL).
Moreover the Physics Department is one of the partners participating in the Amsterdam Neuroscience.