Biophotonics & Medical Imaging


In the Biophotonics and Medical Imaging Group, a wide range of different skills and know-how are joined together to develop new methods, tools, and instruments for the diagnosis, understanding, and treatment of life threatening diseases and impairing medical conditions. Our studies span from the analysis of individual cells with extremely advanced spectroscopic techniques to the implementation of ultraminiaturized Optical Coherence Tomography scanners for endoscopic imaging, from the development of all-optical scanning probe microscopes for the measurement of the stiffness of tissues during minimum invasive surgery to the use of state-of-the-art laser techniques in laser surgery.

To know more about us, explore the webpages of the Principal Investigators of the group.

Prof.dr. Johannes F. de Boer

Prof.dr. Marloes Groot

Prof.dr. Davide Iannuzzi

Dr. Freek Ariese

Dr. Imran Avci