Recent PhD Theses


Aernout P. P. van der Poel
Cold Collisions in a Molecular Synchrotron (pdf)
Promotor: Prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs, co-promotor: Dr. H.L. Bethlem
Date: 13 March 2018

Robert Altmann
Ramsey-comb spectroscopy in the deep ultraviolet for tests of molecular quantum theory
Promotor: prof. dr. K. S. E. Eikema and prof. dr. W. M. G. Ubachs
Defense: 13 November 2018

Robert Jan Rengelink
A magic wave length optical dipole trap for high-precision spectroscopy of ultracold metastable helium
Promotor: dr. W. Vassen; co-promotor prof. dr. W. M. G. Ubachs
Defense: 10 December 2018