Master and Bachelorprojects

Master and Bachelorprojects
There are always projects available for qualified Master and Bachelors students.

Bachelors projects are intended for Physics and Medical Natural Sciences students, who wish to receive an impression on the research going on in the Single Molecule to Cell-level biophysics research area. The project work corresponds to 6-18 credit points (ECTS) and will last about 4-12 weeks.

Master projects are more extensive lasting from half a year up to a full year and provide a solid research understanding of the frontier research in our group. Interested M.Sc. students in Physics, Medical Natural Sciences, Biomolecular Sciences, Chemistry and related subjects are welcome to inquire.

The projects are in the following main areas of the group:

Motor proteins
DNA enzymes
Physics of viruses
Single biomolecules in cells and multicellular organisms
Technology development

For up-to-date information please contact the group. According to the personal interest of a candidate, we will formulate an interesting project.

Contact: Gijs Wuite or Erwin Peterman