Final Symposium Physics of the Genome

In the beginning of 2008 FOM granted the research program Physics of the Genome. In this program theoretical & experimental physics expertise with biological know-how are integrated. This scientific program is coördinated by a team of five members (N. Dekker, C. Dekker, B. Mulder & P. Verrijzer), chaired by the program leader (G.J.L. Wuite).

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Beginning 2013 this program will end. To celebrate and present all the research that has been done within this project, a final symposium is organized. This great happening will be at the beautiful location Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg.

The symposium is on March 14 and 15 (Thursday and Friday), 2013. All PhD and Postdoc researchers that collaborated to this project will give a presentation at the symposium. Also some of the program leaders will give a presentation about their research done within this project. In addition we have invited several external speaker.