Program Friday March 15

9:00Giovanni LanzaniDNA mechanics inside plectonemes, nuclesomes and chromatin fiber.
9:20Rifka VlijmReal time visualization of hRPA binding to torsional controlled double-stranded DNA.
9:40David DulinThe mechanochemistry of the phi6 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.
10:00Erwin PetermanDNA framed and shot in the light.
10:25Coffee and tea
11:00Tjalle Hoekstra  The cost of being right during DNA replication.
11:20Daniel Burnham Observing HepA related protein (HARP) re-anneal RPA stabilised DNA bubbles.
11:40Angela Eggleston, Editor of NatureThrough the looking-glass: the flip side of scientific publishing .
14:50Nynke DekkerMeasurement of Twist and Torque and Applications to Duplex RNA and Protein Binding.
15:15Peter VerrijzerGene expression control in development and disease.
15:40Joke van VughtInitial catalysed nucleosome translocation direction is directed by the DNA sequence.
16:00Charl Moolman Investigating DNA replication in Escherichia coli at the single-cell level utilizing microfluidics and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.
16:20David Rueda, Imperial College London Single Molecule Scanning and Deamination of Single Stranded DNA.


PotG March 15 2013