eScience "Accelerating Scientific Discovery" grant for Juan Rojo

Netherlands eScience Center has awarded a € 500K grant to Juan Rojo for his project "Unravelling Proton Structure with Hyperoptimised Machine Learning".

04/14/2021 | 2:32 PM

The project of theoretical physicist Juan Rojo of the Vrije Universiteit and Nikhef is about the optimal use of graphics processors for research into the strong nuclear force, the force between quarks and gluons in nuclear particles. Rojo wants to use artificial intelligence to better visualize that force in experiments.

So far, though, learning computers have been used for specific analyses of the strong force in, say, nuclear particles or atomic nuclei. Rojo and his team are now going to develop software that connects to graphical computing and can be used more generally in accelerator experiments.

In time, VU researcher Rojo hopes to use the new techniques in a new accelerator project in the US, the Electron Ion Collider at Brookhaven in which he is involved. This EIC should come on line around 2030.

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