Colloquium: Charusheela Ramanan



Vrije Universiteit, WN-M623, De Boelelaan 1081, 1081 HV Amsterdam

Photophysics of Disordered Organic Chromophore Systems

Dr. Charusheela Ramanan - Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Faculty of Science



Charusheela Ramanan - Molecular Electronics Division, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, DE

Photophysics of Disordered Organic Chromophore Systems
Molecular chromophores provide a broad range of possibilities for developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy technologies. These π-conjugated materials exhibit high extinction coefficients, ease of synthetic tunability, and desirable semiconducting properties, which make them ideal for use in photovoltaics, solar fuel production, and energy storage. However, these systems are also subject to a complex balance of order and disorder, which mediates the light-matter interactions that drive material function. Photoactive processes such as light-harvesting, energy transport, and charge separation depend on factors such as structural disorder and intermolecular coupling interactions. In order to predictively design new and improved systems, we must understand these structure-function relationships across the molecular, supermolecular, and device length scales. This presentation will highlight progress towards addressing this challenge, with specific examples that demonstrate how disorder can be a valuable tool for optimizing material functionality