Colloqium Elisabeth Charlaix, Lyon University

Colloqium Elisabeth Charlaix Lyon University

Elisabeth CHARLAIX, full professor at the Physique de la Matière Condensée et Nanostructures lab, University Lyon 1 and Institut Universitaire de France, has been awarded the CNRS Silver Medal 2009.

E. Charlaix is an internationaly reknowned specialist of liquid properties at extremely small scales, a domain which is at the interface between condensed matter and nanosciences. During her carrier, she worked on many different topics, from transport in porous materials, ageing in granular materials to nanofluidics, interfacial dynamics at the nanometer scale, or bio-lubrication. She has developped in Lyon an exceptional instrumental tool, allowing to explore the intimate dynamics of fluids at the nanometer scale.

The CNRS Silver Medal honors researchers who are recognized nationally and internationally for the originality, quality, and importance of their work.