PhD defenses 2020

Thesis defenses in 2020

Matthijs Jansen
Wavelength-resolved Extreme Ultraviolet Lensless Imaging and Metrology
Promotor: prof. d. K.S.E. Eikema
Copromotor: dr. S.M. Witte
Defense: 10 January 2020
Sadrine D'Haene
Regulation of Light Energy in Photosynthetic Bacteria
Promotor: prof. dr. R. van Grondelle
Copromotor: dr. J.P. Dekker
Defense: 13 January 2020
Margherita Marchetti
DNA, proteins, membranes: exploring the physics behind biomolecular processes
Promotors: prof. dr. W.H. Roos and prof. dr. ir. G.J.L. Wuite
Defense: 16 January 2020

Laura van der Schaaf
The Phase Cameras of Advanced Virgo
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F.J. van den Brand; co-promotor: dr. G.M. vanBeuzekom
Defense: 20 February 2020

Xia Zhang
Theoretical study of rotationally inelastic scattering of molecules
Promotors: prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs, prof. dr. ir. A. van der Avoird, prof. dr. S. Stolte
Defense: 5 March 2020

Soumen Koley
Sensor networks to measure environmental noise at gravitational wave detector sites
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F.J. van den Brand
Co-promotors: dr. H.J. Bulten and dr. X. Campman
Defense: 17 June 2020

Elena Dall'Occo
Search for heavy neutrinos and characterisation of silicon sensors for the VELO upgrade
Promotor: prof. dr. M.H.M. Merk
Co-promotors: dr. W.D. Hulsbergen and dr. M.G. van Beuzekom
Defense: 17 June 2020

Federica Brula
Tailoring extracellular matrix mechanics
Promotor: prof. dr. G.H. Koenderink
Defense: 19 June 2020

Ekaterina Govorkova
Promotor: prof. dr. H.G. Raven
Co-promotor: dr. P. Koppenburg
Defense: 1 July 2020

Mathi Damodaran
Sturctural and spectroscopic in vivo imaging of the human retina using scanning light ophthalmoscopy
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F. de Boer
Co-promotor: prof. dr. A. Amelink
Defense: 3 July 2020

Sheng Zhou
Miniaturization and Application of Fiber Coupled Photoacoustic Gas Spectroscopy
Promotors: prof. dr. D. Iannuzzi and prof. dr. M.L. Groot
Defense: 6 July 2020

Antonio Borges Santos da Costa
Physics of behavior across scales
Promotor: prof. dr. T.S. Shimizu
Co-promotor: dr. G.J. Stephens
Defense: 1 September 2020

Laura Dreissen
Advancing Precision Ramsey-Comb Spectroscopy through High-Harmonic Generation
Promotor: prof. dr. K.S.E. Eikema
Defense: 7 October 2020

Maximilian Gräfe
Quantitative retinal imaging with optical coherence tomography
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F. de Boer
Defense: 12 October 2020

Joris scheers
Charge-state-resolved spectroscopy of multiply-charged tin ions
Promotor: prof. dr. W.M.G. Ubachs, prof. dr. ir. R.A. Hoekstra and dr. O.O. Versolato
Defense: 10 November 2020

Boris Boom
Acceleration sensing at the nano-g level; Development and characterisation of low-noise microseismometers for next generation gravitational wave detectors
Promotor: prof. dr. J.F.J. van den Brand; co-promotor: dr. A. Bertolini
Defense: 19 November 2020

Ludwik Bielczynski
Light acclimation in plants
Promotor: prof. dr. R. Croce
Defense: 30 November 2020

Luca Bartolini
Development of methods and devices towards skin elastography
Promotor: prof. dr. D. Iannuzzi and prof. dr. S. Gibbs
Defense: 7 December 2020

Jaap van Krugten
Sensing Cilia
Promotor: prof. dr. ir. E.J.G. Peterman
Defense: 10 December 2020