Thesis defenses in 2012

Rob van Rooij
Frequency Metrology in Quantum Degenerate Helium (pdf)
promotors: prof. dr. W. M. G. Ubachs; copromotor: dr. W. Vassen
defense: 8 June 2012

Frank HeldermanĀ 
On the pathological remodeling of large arteries
promotors: prof. dr. A. Vonk Noordegraaf, prof. dr. R. Krams
defense: 23 April 2012

Alessandro Marin
Energy trasport pathways in photosynthetic antennas
promotor: prof. dr. R. van Grondelle
defense: 18 April 2012

Niels Laurens
A biophysical exploration of proteins and their substrates
promotor: prof. dr. ir. G. J. L. Wuite
defense: 29 March 2012

Emilie Wientjes (Cum Laude)
Revealing the light-harvesting properties of Photosystem I from single antenna to supercomplex
promotor: prof. dr. R. Croce
defense: 19 January 2012