Do the constants of nature vary ?


Laser Centre VU Amsterdam

Thursday June 11th

Lecture Hall P647 (6th floor Sciences building VU Campus)




            13:00  Thomas Dent (Cardiff)

                        Theories on changing constants


            13:45  Edcel Salumbides (VU)

Laser precision metrology experiments at LCVU


            14:10  Toncho Ivanov and Gareth Dickinson (VU)

                        Spectroscopy of hydrogen at the Soleil synchrotron


            14:30  Coffee break


            14:50  Lex Kaper (UvA and VU)

                        The prospects of the X-shooter instrument


            15:10  Julian King (University of New South Wales, Sydney, and VU)

                        Constraint on a varying m from H2 quasar data


            15:35  Freek van Weerdenburg (UvA and VU)

                        H2 and HD in the J2123 quasar observed at VLT


            15:55  Rick Bethlem (VU)

                        Varying m from laboratory spectroscopy ?


            16:15  Break


            16:30  Michael T. Murphy (Swinburne University, Melbourne)

                        Varying constants on a cosmological time scale; status report


            17:15  Drinks (Laser Centre Lecture Hall G1)




Information and registration: Marja Herronen (

Organisation: Wim Ubachs (VU)


Sponsored by the FOM industrial partnership program I11 (Metrology)