SXII.23 Jan Lodewijk UBAGHS, born on 10-06-1846 in Valkenburg (NL). He moved on 13-04-1868 to Aachen (D) and on 25-05-1869 to Venlo according to a document: gemeenteakte. He lives with his family in Helmond (NL) in period 1913-1925, and worked on the new railway line, the “IJzerenweg”. He was a smith.

He is the son of Jan UBAGS, born on 13-03-1814 in Berg en Terblijt (NL) and Maria Anna BORMANS (Boormans), born on 16-01-1816 in Valkenburg. There is a city document of this family: Gemeenteakte van dit gezin.

Married (1) on 23-05-1871 in Venlo with Maria Hubertina ZEELEN, born on 24-11-1847 in Venlo, deceased on 30-03-1884, daughter of Herman Zeelen and Johanna Peters.

Children (several members of this family immigrated to the USA and lived near Seattle):

1.         Guilielmus Alphonsus (Guillaume) UBAGHS, born on 24-02-1872 in Hasselt (B) (see XIII.43).

2.         Maria Anna Hubertina UBAGHS, born on 25-07-1873 te Venlo. She moves on 30-01-1885 to Grubbenvorst, 21-09-1889 to Crefeld, 12-11-1891 to Maastricht, 03-09-1896 to Roermond and 15-12-1897 again to Maastricht.

3.         Anna Hubertina Maria (Anna) UBAGHS, born on 10-07-1875 in Venlo, deceased on 22-05-1939 in Seattle. She moves on 30-01-1885 to Grubbenvorst, 30-08-1891 to Crefeld and 06-11-1893 to Maastricht. She emigrated to America arriving on 6 July 1897 in New York, departed from Antwerp. She was a dressmaker. There is a Anna J. Clebanck, born ca. 1877 and died on 22-05-1939 in Seattle, King, Washington. Her father is specified as Louis Ubaghs and her mother as V.H. Seelen. She is mentioned as owner of a special Tudor style apartment house recognized as a historical site, see picture. There it is mentioned she had a son. On the same ship and same day (6 July 1897) a John Clebanck arrives in the US, mentioned as 43 years of age, single, and German nationality, place of residence Jersey City.

Married on 06-07-1897 in Manhattan to John H. L. Clebanck, born on 02-04-1853 in Hergenrath, Germany, son of Franz Clebanck and Gerturd Wintgens, immigrated in 1875 to USA, deceased on 08-05-1928 in Seattle, King County Washington. He was naturalized as a US citizen on 18-05-1898 and submitted passport request (Document) in 1905. There is a gravestone on Acacia Memorial Park, Lake Forest, King County, Washington, USA for the Clebanck-Ubaghs couple. John Clebanck was widowed and had two sons from a first marriage, Marcel Clebanck (1884) and Fred Clebanck (1885).

4.         Henricus Hubertus Joseph UBAGHS, born on 11-03-1877 in Venlo (Uittreksel Bevolking), deceased before 1913.

Married to Marie UBAGHS-NN, born. ca. 1874. She emigrated to the USA departing from Antwerp on the ship “Finland” and arrived at Ellis Island on 18-06-1913 with her son Henry. Last address before departure: Brussels. As a relative she mentions: Louis Ubaghs, Vleeschstraat in Venlo. They indicate Seattle, Washington as the goal of their trip. “Marital Status” a W for widow; so she was presumable married to a son of Jan Lodewijk. We assume that this must be Henricus, born in 1877, and presumably deceased before 1913. Passenger Record Ellis Island.


Henri (Harry) UBAGHS (alias Tack), born ca. 1899, arrives on 18-06-1913 at Ellis Island, at the age of 14, with mother as follows from immigration documents. Also border crossing 24-06-1914 at Vancouver (BC).

5.         Johannes Hubertus UBAGHS, born on 08-11-1879 in Venlo. He moves on 05-06-1896 or Swalmen (NL). Registered as a merchant (koopman) in Helmond, not married; act.

6.         Gerardus Johannes UBAGHS, born on 29-12-1880 in Venlo (see SXIII.45).

7.         Lodewijk Gerardus (Louis) UBAGHS, born on 29-12-1880 in Venlo. He moves on 29-07-1899 to Haarlem.

Married (see marriage document: trouwakte) on 15-08-1907 in Haarlem with Elisabeth Dekker, born ca. 1872 in Zwaag (NL), deceased on 09-06-1949 in Seattle, King, Washington, daughter of Klaas Dekker and Marijtje Bouwman. Guillaume Ubaghs (coming from Nijmegen) and Gerard Johan Ubaghs were present as witness to the marriage. Elisabeth married first on 27-03-1895 in Haarlem with Jacobus Johannes Scholtz, born ca. 1871 in Haarlem and who died later on.

Emigrated to America and arrived on ship “de Noordam” on 04-05-1914. In the immigration files it is written that Lodewijk paid for the trip of his brother Gerardus and his family emigrating in 1916. There it is mentioned that he lives in Seattle.

9.         Sophia Dorothea Hubertina UBAGHS, born on 13-08-1882 in Venlo.

Married on 22-04-1907 in Venlo with Hipolitus Lucien Lucas Parméné (Larméné), born on 18-10-1875 in Gorssel (NL), son of Charles Francois Parméné and Josephine Louise Beltjens. He was watchmaker; registration at 28-08-1897 in Venlo, moved on 02-11-1897 to Weesp; appears in city documents of Oudshoorn in 1890-1900. Registration act from Helmond indicating that they also lived in Tilburg and in Arnhem.

Married (2) on 24-01-1887 in Tegelen with Maria Francisca Hubertina Boitelle, born op 04-12-1845 in Venlo, daughter of Karel August Boitelle and Maria Christina Jacoba Ophoff. The bride was widow of Bastiaan Christ and Michiel Heuschens. Civil act from Helmond indicating that they moved from Helmond to Venlo.


SXIII.43 Guilielmus Alphonsus UBAGHS, born on 24-02-1872 in Hasselt (B). Hij moves on 11-08-1888 to Kampen.

Married on 22-09-1897 in ’s-Hertogenbosch with Jacoba Christina SPARO, born there on 17-04-1876, daughter of Joannes Gosuinus Sparo and Christina Berends.

Possible children (parents not mentioned in birth certificates):

1.         Christina Jacoba UBAGHS, born on 26-07-1898 in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

2.         Johannes Guillaume Henri UBAGHS, born on 13-11-1899 in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Lived in Arnhem and ‘s Gravenhage, living in several locations until 1922.


SXIII.45 Gerardus Johannes UBAGHS, born on 29-12-1880 in Venlo, moved on 29-06-1897 to Haarlem, and deceased in Dec. 1970 in King, Washington (USA). He was a technician.

Married on 04-05-1905 in Haarlem with Hendrika Petronella (Rika) VERMEER, born on 06-03-1883 at Haarlem and deceased on 14-09-1952 in Fort Steilacoom, Pierce, Washington, daughter of Nicolaas Daniel Vermeer and Johanna Buis. Marriage act from Haarlem.

They lived in Amsterdam and they immigrated to America arriving with the ship “de Noordam” from Rotterdam on Ellis Island on 05-08-1916. His twin brother Louis paid for the boat trip. He is mentioned in the 1923 City Directory of Seattle living on 24th Avenue.

1.         Anna G. UBAGHS, born ca. 1907 in Amsterdam. She also arrives in America on 5 Aug 1916 with her family.

Marries on 18-08-1927 in King (Wash) to Arthur Lawrence Hatton, born 07-11-1902 in Providence (RI), died on 08-10-2002 in Seattle, son of Arthur Reubin and Lucy Barrieau Hatton.


(1) Arlene Hatton. Married to Piner.

2.         Louis J. UBAGHS, born on 18-01-1910 in the Netherlands (see SXIV.35).


SXIV.35 Louis J. UBAGHS, born on 18-01-1910 in the Netherlands, and deceased on 17-12-1992 at King, Washington (USA).

Immigrated at the age of 6 to the US with his parents, arriving on 5 August 1916 on the Noordam. He is mentioned in the 1923 City Directory of Seattle with his wife Mary living on 13th Avenue.

Married to Mary Nn.


1.         Ronald Anson UBAGHS, born on 30-12-1936 (see SXV.52).

2.         Linda Jean UBAGHS, born ca. 1943 in Seattle. Went to Queen Anne High School 1958 in Seattle. Lives in Redmond, Washington.

Married on 15-01-1966 in King (Wash) to Robert James Crothers.


(1) Carlee Crothers, born in Redmond (Wash). Married to Nn Mann.


SXV.52 Ronald Anson UBAGHS, born on 30-12-1936. Urban planner and environmental analyst. Lives in Seattle

Married on 01-07-1961 in King (Wash) to Sally Kay STEWART, born ca. 1939.


1.         Willem UBAGHS (?).

2.         Wendina Marie UBAGHS, born on 10-02-1964 in Seattle. Lives in Seattle.

3.         Bryan Gerard UBAGHS, born on 25-09-1967 in Seattle. Artist, painter. See for his paintings: http://www.bryanubaghs.com/






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