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According to the story of some descendants a number of brothers from the Ubags-Clement family became engaged in a fight at a fair somewhere in Germany, where possibly someone died. Thereupon the brothers fled, two of them in the direction of Denmark. Where this all happened is not entirely clear. Possibilities are Dingen or Mengede. In Dutch files ( Dingen is mentioned as the birthplace of Arthur grandchild of Joannes Franciscus Ubags. However, on a certificate of Dutch citizenship, issued in 1944 in Heerlen (Bewijs van Nederlanderschap) Mengede is mentioned as the birthplace of Arthur. Both Mengede and Dingen are known to be suburbs of Dortmund, and it was a well-known mining area, so understandable to move there from Limburg, which was also a mining area. We therefore assume that this branch of the Ubaghs family (Max and possibly some brothers) lived near Dortmund for a while. We rule out that the Dingen, a small village (now 680 inhabitants) in Schleswich-Holstein in the Kreis Ditmarschen, close to the Danish border, is the birthplace of Arthur. In any case one of the two brothers founded this Danish branch of Ubaghs. Most likely Pieter Joseph Hendrik is the Heinrich Ubaghs, father Nelly and Peter Ubaghs at the origin of the Danish branch following here below. That the name of Ubags turned to Ubaghs is no surprise; that has happened many times in the history of the Ubachs/Ubaghs family.


CXII.7  Joannes Franciscus UBAGS, born on 07-12-1850 in Klimmen, Province of Limburg in the very south of the Netherlands. Profession shoemaker.

Married on 04-11-1874 in Amstenrade with Maria Helena CLEMENT (witnesses Joannes Leunissen and Hubertina Clement), born on 02-07-1847 in Metman (D), daughter of Jan Hendrik Clement and Maria Catharina Leunissen.

Child (one of several):

5.         Pieter Joseph Hendrik (Heinrich) UBAGS/UBAGHS, born on 16-09-1881 in Amstenrade (witnesses: Martina Angelina Stijpers, Henricus Josephus Clement, Maria Mechtildes Heijnen, Gerardus Petrus Gielen) (see DK-XIII.1).

In a Danish pedigree it is mentioned that Heinrich was born on 12-10-1890 in Dortmund (D), from the parents Johann Ubaghs and Maria Magdalena Clemens. This may be related to the story of fleeing from Dortmund-Germany.

We assume that he is the founder of this Danish branch of UBAGHS.


DK-XIII.1 Pieter Joseph Hendrik (Heinrich) UBAGHS, born on 16-09-1881 in Amstenrade (NL).

Married on 02-01-1916 in Egebæksvang Kirke, Tikøb to Agnes Margrete CHRISTENSEN, daughter of Alfred Emil Christensen and Bodil Marie Nielsen. There is an Agnes Margrete Christensen documented, who was born on 23-01-1898 in Fiskbæk.


1.         Nelly UBAGHS, born on 02-12-1915 (see DK-XIV.1).

2.         Peter Vilhelm UBAGHS, born on 09-08-1922 in Gurre, Tikøb (see DK-XIV.2).


DK-XIV.1 Nelly UBAGHS, born on 02-12-1915.


1.         Nelly UBAGHS Jensen, born in 1937 (see DK-XV.1).

2.         Lilian UBAGHS, born in 1937 (see DK-XV.2).

3.         Dorte UBAGHS, born in 1958 (see DK-XV.3).


DK-XIV.2 Peter Vilhelm UBAGHS, born on 09-08-1922 in Tikøb, died in August 1954 in Kvistgård.

Married to Bodil SENNELS, born in 1923, daughter of Karl Valdemar Sennels and Dorthea Cecilie Svanlundh.


1.         Finn UBAGHS (see DK-XV.4).

2.         Jan Sennels UBAGHS, born on 16-11-1943 (?). He is member of the Broderloge in Øresund.

Married with Hanne Mørch Christiansen, daughter of Ferdinand Mørch Christiansen and Elsebeth Hansen.

3.         Hanne UBAGHS.

Married with Jorgen Nn.

4.         Henrik Sennels UBAGHS, born in 1963 (see DK-XV.7).


DK-XV.1 Nelly UBAGHS Jensen, born in 1937, deceased in 2006 (?).


1.         Jane UBAGHS, born on 11-02-1959 (see DK-XVI.1).

2.         Kim Jensen JOHANSEN (m).


(1) Kim (m), born in 1986.

(2) Dan, born in 1988.


DK-XV.2 Lilian UBAGHS Olsen, born in 1937.

Married (1) to John Nn.

Children from first marriage:

1.         Susanne UBAGHS, born in 1957 (see DK-XVI.3).

2.         Jette UBAGHS, born on 24-02-1959 (see DK-XVI.4).

Married (2) to Søren Haages.

Child from second marriage:

3.         Stig UBAGHS Haages, born in 1974.

Married to Rikke Nn.


(1) Simon Haages.

(2) Sigurd.


DK-XV.3 Dorte UBAGHS, born in 1958.

Married to Allan GANN.


1.         Benjamin James UBAGHS Gann, born on 18-08-1980 in Copenhagen (see DK-XVI.6).


DK-XV.4 Finn UBAGHS. Living in Helsingør.

Married with Susanne LONE UBAGHS.


1.         Kenneth UBAGHS (see DK-XVI.8).


DK-XV.7 Henrik UBAGHS, born in 1963. Works at a Bank in Copenhagen.

Married to Karen SÉLLEN Hansen.


1.         Linn Dorthea Sellén UBAGHS, born on 03-03-1990 in Helsingør.

2.         Maja Josefina Sellén UBAGHS, born in 1992. Foto. Lives in Helsingør.


DK-XVI.1 Jane UBAGHS, born on 11-02-1959 and deceased ca. 2008. Foto.

Married to Finn Ørting.


1.         Astrid Ørting UBAGHS, born in 1993. Lives in Copenhagen.


DK-XVI.3 Susanne UBAGHS, born on 16-05-1957, deceased on 10-09-2011.

Married to Frank Leo Pedersen.


1.         Rikke Habiba UBAGHS, born on 08-03-1976 (see DK-XVII.8).

2.         Jeff Winter Rasmussen (UBAGHS), born on 31-12-1985.


DK-XVI.4 Jette UBAGHS, born on 24-02-1959. Lives on Bornholm.

Married (1) to Jørn Erik Olsen.

Child from first marriage:

1.         Nikolaj Olsen UBAGHS, born on 13-04-1981 on the Bornholm Island.

Lives in Rønne.

Married (2) to Hans Ulrik Høgh Heiede.

Child from second marriage:

2.         Olivia UBAGHS Høgh Heiede, born on 28-02-1997 on the Bornholm Island.


DK-XVI.6 Benjamin James UBAGHS Gann, born in 1980. Foto.

Partner Eva Nestler Jensen.


1.         Frederick, born in 2007, baptized on 28-09-2008.


DK-XVI.8 Kenneth UBAGHS.

Married to Pernille MELDAHL.


1.         Mathilde Meldahl-UBAGHS, born on 18-12-

2.         Nicolai Meldahl-UBAGHS, born on 19-05-


DK-XVII.8 Habiba Naima Sevgi UBAGHS, born as Rikke UBAGHS Pedersen on 08-03-1976.

Partner (1) Jan Nielsen.

Married (2) to Martin Kobina Meidi Yartey, born on 30-09-1986.

Children from first relation:

1.         Camilla UBAGHS-Nielsen, born on 06-11-1995.

2.         Natascha UBAGHS Skaarup-Jensen, born on 12-02-2001.

3.         Jon UBAGHS.




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