CXI.25  Adolph Joseph Hubert UBAGHS, born on 23-01-1847 in Linnich (Germany). See branch Stamboom Ubachs-II.

Married on 06-05-1874 in Linnich with Maria Agnes SCHUHMACHER, born on 01-08-1850 in Welz, daughter of Mathias Schuhmacher and Maria Catharina Scherberich.


1.         Anna Catharina Hubertina UBAGHS, born on 08-03-1875 in Linnich.

2.         Andreas UBAGHS, born on 26-12-1887 in Linnich (see CXII.30).


CXII.30  Andreas UBAGHS, born on 26-12-1887 in Linnich, and deceased on 23-12-1964 in Unterbach (Germany).

Married (1) with Helena RINKENS.

Children from first marriage:

1.         Hans UBAGHS, born on 26-09-1911 in Düsseldorf (see CXIII.13).

2.         Joseph UBAGHS, born on 21-11-1913 in or near Düsseldorf (D) (see CXIII.14).

Married (2) with NN. KANNENGIESSER, from Thüringen.

Children from second marriage:

3.         Heinz UBAGHS, born on 24-10-1921 in Düsseldorf (D) (see CXIII.15 in the main branch).

4.         Maria UBAGHS, born in 1924 in Düsseldorf. Maria lives in Unterbach near Düsseldorf.

Married to Helmut Johanns, deceased in 1974 in accident.


(1) Sigrid Johanns.


CXIII.13  Hans UBAGHS, also known as John H. UBAGHS, born on 26-09-1911 in Düsseldorf, and deceased on 26-03-2006. He emigrated to the USA. Last place of residence: Nassau, New York.

Married to Hedwig ROTHENBUCHER, born on 21-05-1925. Naturalisation on 19-11-1957 in Brooklyn, New York. Document.


1.         Irmgard H UBAGHS, born in 1951.

Married to Richard Prenner, born in 1943. Lives in Franklin Square (NY).


(1) Richard J. Prenner, born in 1973.

2.         John J. UBAGHS, born ca. 1954 (see CXIV.5).


CXIII.14  Joseph UBAGHS, born on 21-11-1913 in or near Düsseldorf (D) and died on 30-12-1992 in New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut.

Became American citizen on on 10-08-1945; Naturalisation Document.

Married (1) to Irmgard ROTHENBUCHER, born on 22-08-1922 (from Würzburg) and died on 00-04-1968. They both emigrated to America in the 1930s and lived in Litchfield, Connecticut. Irmgard was sister of Hedwig.

Married (2) in 1977 in Fairfield to Dora H. MOECKE, born on 25-03-1936, and died on 27-08-2003 in Litchfield. Gravestone of Joseph and Dora in Center Cemetry, New Milford.

Child from first marriage:

1.         Joseph J. (Joe) UBAGHS, born in 1953 (see CXIV.6).


CXIV.5  John J. UBAGHS, born ca. 1954. Lives in Floral Park (NY).

Married to Diane M. YAKUBISIN, born on 13-04-1954, deceased on 07-08-2013. Profession: Nurse.


1.         John D UBAGHS, born 18-09-1980, died on 13-04-2013. He was a soldier in the US Marines. Buried at Calverton National Cemetry. Gravestone.

2.         Kristin D UBAGHS, born ca. 1985, Medical assistant. On Face-Book with picture.


CXIV.6  Joseph J. (Joe) UBAGHS, born in 1953 in New York. He works for State of Connecticut (USA) as a social worker.

Married to Bettyann C WITT, born on 20-12-1952.


1.         David R UBAGHS, born ca. 1980.

Possibly married to Erica BATEMAN, born ca. 1980.

They have a baby ?

2.         Melissa Irmgard UBAGHS, born ca. 1984. She graduated from New Milford High School and from Western Connecticut State University in Danbury with a bachelor's degree in English literature. She is a production coordinator for Filmbill magazine in Philadelphia.

Engaged on 19-10-2009 to Andrew Benjamin Craig, of Ocean Township, N.J., son of John Craig and Dianne Nn. He graduated from Ocean Township High School in New Jersey and from Temple University in Philadelphia with a bachelor's degree in finance. He is the assistant director of financial aid at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a master's degree in business administration.





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