Publications of Prof. Dr. Wim Ubachs

    E.J. Salumbides, J. Bagdonaite, H. Abgrall, E. Roueff, W. Ubachs,
    H2 Lyman and Werner band lines and their sensitivity for a variation of the proton-electron mass ratio in the gravitational potential of white dwarfs
    Submitted (2014)

    X. Bacalla, D. Zhao, E.J. Salumbides, M.A. Haddad, H. Linnartz, W. Ubachs
    The B2Pi - X2Pi electronic origin band of 13C6H
    Submitted (2014)

    M. Glass-Maujean, Ch. Jungen, G. D. Dickenson, W. Ubachs, N. de Oliveira, D. Joyeux, L. Nahon
    VUV Fourier-Transform absorption study of the nppi 1Pu-, v, N - X1Sg+, v = 0, N, transitions in D2
    Submitted (2014)

    M.L. Niu, F. Ramirez, E.J. Salumbides, W. Ubachs
    High-precision laser spectroscopy of CO A1Pi - X1S+(2,0), (3,0) and (4,0) bands
    Submitted (2014)

    J. Bagdonaite, W. Ubachs, M.T. Murphy, J.B. Whitmore
    A constraint on a varying proton–electron mass ratio 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang
    Submitted (2014)

    T.J. Pinkert, O. Boll, L. Willmann, G.S.M. Jansen, E.A. Dijck, B. Groeneveld, R. Smets, F.C. Bosveld, W. Ubachs, K. Jungmann, K.S.E. Eikema, J.C.J. Koelemeij
    Effect of soil temperature on one-way optical frequency transfer through dense-wavelength-division-multiplexing fibre links
    Accepted Applied Optics (2014); arXiv version

    A. Schulz, C. Henkel, K.M. Menten, S. Muller, D. Muders, J. Bagdonaite, W. Ubachs
    The inhomogeneous ISM toward PKS 1830–211 SW -
    A detailed view on molecular gas at a look-back time of 7.5 Gyr

    Accepted Astron. Astroph. (2014); arXiv version

    N. Kanekar, W. Ubachs, K.M. Menten, J. Bagdonaite, A. Brunthaler, C. Henkel, S. Muller, H.L. Bethlem, M. Dapra
    Constraint on changes in the proton-electron mass ratio using methanol lines
    Submitted (2014)

    M.A. Haddad, D. Zhao, W. Ubachs
    Gas-phase electronic absorption spectra of deuterated linear seven-carbon radicals
    Accepted Spectroscopy Letters (2014); Preprint

    M.A. Haddad, D. Zhao, H. Linnartz, W. Ubachs
    The 2P-X2P electronic spectra of long carbon chain (13)C2nH/D molecules for (n=4-6)
    In Press: Mol. Phys. (2014); DOI:10.1080/00268976.2014.921342; Preprint;