Publications of Prof. Dr. Wim Ubachs


    K.-F. Lai, M. Beyer, E.J.Salumbides, W. Ubachs
    Photolysis production and spectroscopic investigation of the highest vibrational states in H2 (X1Sg+ v=13,14)
    Accepted J. Phys. Chem. A (2021); arXiv version

    P. Aggarwal, H.L. Bethlem, A. Boeschoten, A. Borschevsky, K. Esajas, Y. Hao, S. Hoekstra, K. Jungmann, V.R. Marshall, T.B. Meijknecht, M.C. Mooij, R.G.E. Timmermans, A. Touwen, W. Ubachs, S.M. Vermeulen, L. Willmann, Y. Yin, A. Zapara
    A supersonic laser ablation beam source with narrow velocity spreads
    Submitted (2020)

    R. Schupp, L. Behnke, J. Sheil, Z. Bouza, W. Ubachs, R. Hoekstra, O.O. Versolato
    Characterization of 1- and 2-mum-wavelength laser-produced microdroplet-tin plasma for generating extreme-ultraviolet light
    Submitted (2020); arXiv version

    L. Behnke, R. Schupp, Z. Bouza, M. Bayraktar, Z. Mazzotta, R. Meijer, J. Sheil, S. Witte, W. Ubachs, R. Hoekstra, O. Versolato
    Extreme ultraviolet light from a tin plasma driven by a 2-micron-wavelength laser
    Accepted Optics. Express (2020)