Vacancies in the research team of Prof. Dr. Wim Ubachs

If you are interested contact me via e-mail:

1) Within the NWO-Program : The Dutch Astrochemistry Network

PostDoc position: Photoabsorption and dissociation of CH and carbon-based radicals
At LaserLaB VU University Amsterdam we have an opening for a PostDoc working on the spectroscopy of carbon-based molecules in connection to the chemistry of the interstellar medium. Cavity ring-down laser spectroscopy will be used as the method of choice to carry out the investigation, but laser-induced fluorescence and multi-photon ionization may be used as well. Carbon-based radicals will be produced in plasma jet expansions. The project is connected to the long-standing problem of the Diffuse Interstellar Bands. The work is part of a larger consortium of the Dutch Astrochemistry Network with several groups (including 12 young scientists) working in collaboration.

2) For positions in the group EUV Plasma Processes at the Advanced Research Center for NanoLithography see:Jobs at ARCNL.