Wim Ubachs

Professor of Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics
Head of Department of Physics VU University

Video Impression of our Laboratory

16 Dec. 2013: Lezing bij Diligentia te Den Haag. Zijn Natuurconstanten Constant ?

4 Dec. 2013: Publication in PRL:
Robust constraint on a drifting proton-to-electron mass ratio from methanol observation at three radio telescopes
See also: Physics Synopsis

Invited talk at the 31st SPP Physics Congres Philipines 2013 23 Oct. 2013, Cebu City Philipines
Search for drifting constants and fifth forces from precision measurements on molecules

Invited talk at the Frontiers in Optics 2012/Laser Science XXIX (6-10 October, Orlando, Florida):
The H2 Molecule; Test of QED and Varying Constants

Invited talk at the Leopoldina Symposium (11-13 September): Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics at the Limit

Invited talk at 11th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths - Mons, Belgium (7 August) :
Search for a variation of fundamental constants on a cosmological time scale

Invited talk at 38th International conference on VUV radiation - Hefei, China (15 July) :
Novel techniques in VUV high-resolution spectroscopy
Talk at Hefei National Laboratory (USTC); Probing varying constants and fifth forces from molecular hydrogen (16 July)

Radio broadcast: "Hoezo Radio" on varying constants and fifth forces (27 June)

Organizer of a Special Symposium on "Spectroscopy Tests of Fundamental Physics" at the
International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy 68th meeting, June 17-21, 2013 at Columbus, Ohio
Sessions: Fundamental Constants and test of QED; Parity Violation; Electric dipole moments.

May 8th: Publication in Physical Review Letters: Fundamental Vibration of Molecular Hydrogen
See also Blog: May the force be with us

Center for Quantum Dynamics Colloquium University of Heidelberg; 29 May 2013

Workshop "Broken Mirrors and Drifting Constants" May 7th Amsterdam; Program

License agreement with Radiant Dyes GmbH to produce TiSa laser invented by us; News item

Trip to Paranal for observations with the Very Large Telescope:
Hollands Dagboek NRC 6 april 2013; also see website and visit to ALMA

Publication in Science:
A Stringent Limit on a Drifting Proton-Electron Mass Ratio from Alcohol in the Early Universe
Further Explanation ; Verdere uitleg

Recipient of a New Frontiers in Cosmology Prize (Read the Executive Summary.)

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