Wim Ubachs

Professor of Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics
Group leader at the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography

Upcoming: Talk 5 Feb. 2015:
Molecular hydrogen in the photosphere of white dwarfs
Photodissociation in Astrochemistry
Leiden Observatory Workshop
Leiden, 3-5 February

Interview in La Stampa at this occasion about research on fundamental constants and about application of light in nanolithography

Upcoming: Publication in Physical Review Letters (Feb. 2015):
A constraint on a varying proton-electron mass ratio 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang

Video Impression of our Laboratory

Trip to Paranal for observations with the Very Large Telescope:
Hollands Dagboek NRC 6 april 2013; also see website and visit to ALMA

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