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Ultrafast Laser Physics and Precision Metrology Group

Jobs / Positions


The Ultrafast Laser Physics and Precision Metrology Group is headed by prof. dr. K.S.E. Eikema. The group is a subdivision of the Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics group headed by prof. dr. W. Ubachs, and a picture of the total group of about 25-30 people is shown below.

group photo 2015
The total combined group in front of the Stedelijk Museum in 2015

Current PhD students and postdocs & master students in the group of K.S.E. Eikema:

Laura Dreisen (PhD student)
Charlaine Roth (PhD student)
Elmer Grundeman (PhD student)
Maxime Favier (postdoc)
Julian Krauth (postdoc)
Robert Altmann (PhD student, nearly finished)
People on the combined project XUV lensless imaging of S. Witte and K.S.E. Eikema at the VU:
Matthijs Jansen (PhD student)
Anne de Beurs (PhD student)
Kevin Liu (PhD student)

For other members in the combined group of Stefan Witte and Kjeld Eikema at ARCNL, see the ARCNL EUV Generation and Imaging group (and also see below).

Current collaborators:

Dr. Stefan Witte; up to the summer of 2012 he was part of the group, but then acquired a Assistant Professor position in the Biophotonics group of prof. dr. Johannes de Boer. He is still collaborating with our group on the subject of X-ray generation and lens-less imaging, but now holds a position as group leader at ARCNL of the EUV Generation and Imaging Group.

Prof. dr. Wim Ubachs, dr. Edcel Salumbides and dr. Rick Bethlem on the theme of precision spectroscopy in molecules, and testing the constancy of fundamental constants.

Dr. Wim Vassen and co-workers on the theme of precision spectroscopy in metastable helium.

Dr. Jeroen Koelemeij on the theme of time and frequency dissemination over fiber links.

Prof. dr. Frederic Merkt and co-workers from the ETH Zurich, on the theme of precision spectroscopy in molecules.

Dr. Ronald Holzwarth and co-workers of Menlo Systems GmbH, on the theme of control electronics and (frequency comb) lasers.

Former collaborators:

Dr. Erwin Bente and co-workers of the TU Eindhoven, on the theme of quantum-dot based modelocked lasers.

Prof. Marco Marangoni and co-workers from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, on the theme of frequency comb generation in the mid-infrared.

Dr. I. Hartl and dr. M.E. Fermann from IMRA (USA) on Yb-fiber lasers and mid-infrared comb generation.

Dr. S.A. van den Berg and co-workers, VSL (Netherlands), on ion traps and frequency comb laser excitation

Former group members:

dr. Itan Barmes (former PhD student)
dr. Denis Rudolf (former Post-doc)
dr. Sandrine Galtier (former postdoc)
dr. Tjeerd Pinkert (former PhD student)
dr. Daniel Noom (former PhD student)
dr. Jonas Morgenweg (former PhD student)
dr. Axel Ruehl (former postdoc)
dr. Anne Lisa Wolf (former PhD student)
dr. Christoph Gohle (former postdoc)
dr. Dominik Z. Kandula (former PhD student)
dr. Amandine Renault (postdoc)
dr. Stefan Witte (former PhD student and postdoc)
dr. Roel Zinkstok (former PhD student)

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from (including the Memphis Project):
NWO FOM Laser Europe STW VU erc

Questions? Contact: k.s.e.eikema@vu.nl