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Modeling of Time-Resolved Spectra

Introduction PACS

Katharine M. Mullen, Ivo H.M. van Stokkum

A PSE for hierarchical modeling of time-resolved spectra

Lay report, lekenverslag (in Dutch)
This project is sponsored by a grant from the NWO Computational Science Programme.
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Application of Global and Target Analysis in Photobiophysics

Global and Target Analysis of spectroscopic data, in particular time resolved spectra, play a central role in Photobiophysics. Applications are in the primary charge transfer steps in the reaction centers of purple bacteria and green plants, energy transfer in antennae (in particular LHC-II), Stark spectroscopy, blue-light photoreceptors (in particular flavoproteins), carotenoid-chlorophyll complexes (like PCP and FCP), Green Fluorescent Protein, and secondary structure changes in proteins.

The streak scope project (financially supported by SLW and our faculty), is now routinely producing high quality emission data, with the desired (sub)picosecond time resolution. Corrections for instrumental curvature and drift have been implemented, and the global analysis of the high quality data furnishes publishable results.


University of Amsterdam

(dr. A.M. Brouwer, prof.dr. Wybren Jan Buma, prof.dr. K.J. Hellingwerf, dr. R.M. Williams )
Harpooning of charge transfer complexes in organic solvents, proton transfer, electron transfer, chromophore protein interactions and protein structural changes in Photoactive Yellow Protein.

Wageningen Agricultural University

(prof.dr. H. van Amerongen, prof.dr. A.J.W.G. Visser )
Investigation of dipolar relaxation in flavo proteins, energy transfer in antennae, Green Fluorescent Protein.


dr. Delmar S. Larsen
Global and Target Analysis of multipulse or multiway spectroscopic data