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Photosystem I consortium
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Photosynthesis and the World WideWeb


Research Interests


Current Tasks

  • Coordinator of Marie Curie Research Training Network "Intro2"
  • Member of the Educational Board of the Faculty of Sciences
  • Educational Director for the programs on Physics and Astronomy, and Medical Natural Sciences
  • Member of the Management Team of the Laser Centre Vrije Universiteit
  • Coordinator and one of the lecturers for the Master course "Advanced Biophysics"



Biophysics Section
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Office: S 1-30
Ph: +31 20 5987931
Fax: +31 20 5987999
E-mail: JP.Dekker@few.vu.nl

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