Dr.ir. Gijs J.L. Wuite

Assistant Professor (UD)

Vrije Universiteit
Division of Physics & Astronomy / FEW
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam

Tel. + 31-(0)20-59 87987
Room T 0.61
E-mail: gwuite@nat.vu.nl


Research statement

The research in the group focuses on exploring DNA-proteins interactions and biophysical/ biomechanical properties of viral capsids and cells. The aim is to work with increasingly more complex assemblies of proteins in order to investigate the emergent properties from these systems. This approach bridges experimental systems biology and single-molecule manipulation techniques. We use a variety of techniques such as optical tweezers, AFM and (single-molecule) fluorescence as well as combinations of these techniques. The data obtained are related to biochemical studies and used for theoretical modeling.

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Selected publications

R.T. Dame, M.C. Noom, G.J.L. Wuite
Bacterial chromatin organization by H-NS protein unraveled using a dual DNA assay
Nature  (in press)

W.S. Klug, R.F. Bruinsma, J.P. Michel, C.M. Knobler, I.L. Ivanovska, C.F. Schmidt, G.J.L. Wuite
Failure of Viral Shells
Physical Review Letters  (in press)

J.P. Michel, I.L. Ivanovska, M.M. Gibbons, W.S. Klug, C.M. Knobler, G.J.L. Wuite, C.F. Schmidt
Nanoindentation studies of full and empty viral capsids and the effects of capsid protein mutations on elasticity and strength
PNAS 103: 6184-6189 (2006)

I.L. Ivanovska, P.J. de Pablo, B. Ibarra, G. Sgalari, F.C. MacKintosh, J.L. Carrascosa, C.F. Schmidt, G.J.L. Wuite
Bacteriophage capsids: tough nano-shells with complex elastic properties
PNAS 101: 7600-7605(2004)


N. Forde, D. Izhaky, G. Woodcock, G.J.L. Wuite and C. Bustamante

Using mechanical force to probe the mechanism of pausing and arrest during continuous elongation by E. coli RNA polymerase

PNAS 99:11682-11687 (2002)

G.J.L. Wuite, S.B. Smith, M. Young, D. Keller and C. Bustamante.  
Single Molecule Studies of the Effect of Template Tension on T7 DNA Polymerase Activity
Nature 404:103-106 (2000)

J. Davenport, G.J.L. Wuite, R. Landick, C. Bustamante
Single Molecule Study of Transcriptional Pausing and Arrest by E. coli RNA Polymerase
Science 287:2497-2500 (2000)