Pattern formation in type I superconductors

We study the patterns in type-I superconductors from a pattern formation perspective. Issues are

  • spot-stripe transition
  • traffic jams of macrovortices
  • frustration in rotating stripe patterns

The magneto-optical experimental technique is discussed on a special page 

Our main results so far are:

  • Observation of spot stripe transition. Comparison of stripe width with various theoretical models, where we find that for the models considered, our experiments are in agreement with some predictions, but at variance with other. See for details Phys. Rev. B 75 (2007) 014529
  • Interesting dynamics for rotating in-plane external fields are observed, which bear some similarity to the patterns observed in diluted ferrofluids. See Phys. Rev. B 72 (2005) 172503 we observe cutting of the stripes and in new experiments also a line to chevron transition

Patterns obtained at T = 5 K with decreasing field from Hz = 38.4 mT to Hz = 35.6 mT in steps of 0.4 mT and (i)-(l) with increasing field from Hz = 35.9 mT to Hz = 38.7 mT in steps of 0.4 mT. White (black) indicates SC (normal) regions.