Thesis 2017


Mario Dapra
Search for drifting constants of nature via optical and radio astronomy
Promotor: Wim Ubachs; co-promotor: Rick Bethlem
Defense: 20 November 2017

Yangyundou Wang
Bessel correlations and Bessel beams Promotor: Taco Visser
Defense: 20 June 2017

Itan Barmes
Coherent control and high-precision spectroscopy with an optical frequency comb
Promotor: Kjeld Eikema; co-promotor: Stefan Witte
Defense: 8 June 2017

Adonis Silva Flores
An ultracold, optically trapped mixture of 87Rb and metastable 4He atoms (pdf)
Promotor: Wim Ubachs; co-promotors: Wim Vassen, Steven Knoop
Defense: 30 May 2017

Remy Notermans
High-Precision spectroscopy of Forbidden Transitions in Ultracold 4He and 3He (pdf)
Promotor: Wim Ubachs; co-promotor: Wim Vassen
Defense: 15 March 2017

Andreas Wassmann
Ozone Retrieval from Satellite Measurements; Exploiting the Ultraviolet and Thermal Infrared Spectral Ranges
Promotor: Ilse Aben; co-promotor: Jochen Landgraf
Defense: 10 March 2017