Construction of Optical Parametric Oscillators

Narrow Bandwidth
Nanosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators
The goal of this project is to develop narrow bandwidth nanosecond OPO's for applications such as spectroscopy and Laser Isotope Separation.


The system consists of a Power OPO based on a BBO crystal that is injection seeded with narrow bandwidth light from a Grazing Incidence OPO (Giopo). The system is pumped by the 3th harmonic of a SLM Nd:YAG laser (355nm/3ns). Our system covers wavelength range of 430nm-2000nm. From a 25mJ pump puls, 3mJ tunable light can be generated. The Power Oscillator delivers Fourier-transform-limited pulses of ~500 MHz line width. The cavity length of both the Giopo and Popo is stabilized on a Fabri Perrot Interferometer to keep the wavelength and spectral width within the desired range. Continuous scanning of the combination is possible over 70GHz. Currently we are doing some on absorption measurements in acetylene (~1530nm).

gi_opo a_opo