Cavity Ring down spectroscopy

The technique of cavity ring-down spectrocopy has become a well-established technique. In the past decade we have contributed to the application of CRD methods to gas phase spectrocopy. Some prominent results are mentioned here:

  • The spectroscopy of the atmospheric bands of molecular oxygen for various isotopes
  • The spectroscopy of visible absorption bands of the water molecule, including H218O and H217O
  • The quantitative analysis of cavity ring-down transitiens in multi-mode pulsed CRD experiments
  • The direct measurement of absolute Rayleigh scattering cross sections
  • Cross section measurements on O2-O2 collsional complexes
  • The extension of CRD techniques to deep-UV wavelengths, now setting a record at 198 nm

Currently we are involved in two CRD-projects

  • CRD for detection of carbon-containing species in plasma discharges
  • CRD and sensitive detection in liquid chromatography