Prof. dr. ir. E.J.G. (Erwin) Peterman

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faculteit der b├Ętawetenschappen ( natuur- & sterrenkunde )
Professor in Physics of Living Systems, University Research Chair

Erwin Peterman is interested in understanding how life works at the fundamental, single-molecule level. With his experiments he strives to provide quantitative insights in life processes that can be rigorously tested using physical models. To this end, he applies a multidisciplinary approach including elements from molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, statistical physics and optics. The techniques used in his lab are (single-molecule) fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and optical tweezers.

Current research focuses on the cooperation of motor proteins in intracellular transport in C. elegans cilia, on the mechanics of DNA and DNA-processing proteins, on the dynamics of membrane proteins in living bacteria, and on the development of new instrumentation and approaches to study life at the single-molecule level.

Peterman teaches several courses at the bachelor's and master's level to students in Physics, Medical Natural Sciences, and Biomolecular Sciences. Currently, he is director of the bachelor's program Medische Natuurwetenschappen en the master's program Medical Natural Sciences.

In 2011 Peterman received a five-year VICI grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). In 2013, he was appointed as full professor on a University Research Chair.

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Selected publications

Gross, P., Laurens, N., Oddershede, L. B., Bockelmann, U., Peterman, E. J. G., and Wuite, G. J. L. Quantifying how DNA stretches, melts and changes twist under tension, Nature Physics 7, 731-736, (2011).

van Mameren, J., Modesti, M., Kanaar, R., Wyman, C., Peterman, E. J. G. & Wuite, G. J. L. Counting RAD51 proteins disassembling from nucleoprotein filaments under tension. Nature 457, 745-748, (2009).

van Mameren, J., Gross, P., Farge, G., Hooijman, P., Modesti, M., Falkenberg, M., Wuite, G. J. & Peterman, E. J. G. Unraveling the structure of DNA during overstretching by using multicolor, single-molecule fluorescence imaging. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 18231-18236, (2009).

Peterman, E. J. G. & Scholey, J. M. Mitotic Microtubule Crosslinkers: Insights from Mechanistic Studies. Curr Biol 19, R1089-R1094, (2009).

Verbrugge, S., Lansky, Z. & Peterman, E. J. G. emptyKinesin's step dissected with single-motor FRET. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 17741-17746, (2009).

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