'The Inner Life of Particles' by Juan Rojo

"The Inner Life of Particles", author Juan Rojo presents a fascinating exploration of the world of fundamental particles, following the heroic paths of those scientists that have allowed, in barely more than one century, from discovering the atomic nature of matter itself to discovering the Higgs boson.

11/11/2016 | 11:03 AM

About the book: What is the ultimate nature of matter? What are the fundamental laws that govern matter at the smallest distances and the highest energies? And why making sense of the substance we are all made of is crucial to understand the origin and the fate of the universe, as well our place within it? Is it possible that the order and beauty that we observe in physical reality arise from chaos and randomness?

About the author: Juan Rojo is assistant professor at the VU Amsterdam and staff member at the theory group of Nikhef. After getting a PhD in theoretical physics at the university of Barcelona, he held postdoctoral research positions in Paris, Milan and CERN followed by a junior faculty position at the university of Oxford, until 2016 when he joined Nikhef.

Juan's research interests include Quantum Chromodynamics, Large Hadron Collider phenomenology, and the investigation of the internal structure of protons.

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The Inner Life of Particles