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PhD defenses at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Obtaining your PhD in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
All forms and formalities regarding obtaining your PhD in the Faculty of Sciences can be found on VUNET (search for "PhD at FALW and FEW"). Be aware that some of the forms are specific to our faculty, do not submit the general ones!

Exemption on two (co)promotor rule
The university rules require that each PhD student has two (co)promotors. The Physics and Astronomy department has obtained an exemption on this rule. It has appointed a "supervisor PhD students" who monitors progress of PhD students. In case of problems (e.g. with promotor) the PhD students can, confidentially, discuss with this supervisor, who will give advice and can serve as intermediary between PhD student and promotor. Currently, the supervisor PhD students is:
Prof.dr.ir. Erwin J.G. Peterman
Office:T054A (W&N building)
Email: e.j.g.peterman@vu.nl
Tel.:    020-5987576

N.B.: it is of key importance that making use of this exemption is clearly indicated on "form 1", which can be done adding the following document!









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