Thesis defenses in 2017

Itan Barmes
Promotor: Kjeld Eikema
Defense: 8 June 2017

Adonis Flores
Promotor: Wim Ubachs
Defense: 31 May 2017

Alberto Natali
Promotor: Roberta Croce
Defense: 12 April 2017

Nicoletta Liguori
Molecular Architecture of the Photoprotective Switches of Plants and Algae
Promotor: Roberta Croce
Defense: 23 March 2017

Remy Notermans
High-Precision spectroscopy of Forbidden Transitions in Ultracold 4He and 3He
Promotor: Wim Ubachs; co-promotor: Wim Vassen
Defense: 15 March 2017

Andreas Wassmann
Ozone Retrieval from Satellite Measurements; Exploiting the Ultraviolet and Thermal Infrared Spectral Ranges
Promotor: Ilse Aben; co-promotor: Jochen Landgraf
Defense:10 March 2017

Aravindan Varadajan
Promotor: Erwin Peterman
Defense: 1 March 2017

Joris Snellenburg
Modelling Energy Transfer and Trapping in the Thylakoid Membrane
Promotor: Rienk van Grondelle; co-promotor: Ivo van Stokkum
Defense: 27 February 2017

Felix Oswald
Intercellular Transport; Studied with Dynamic single-molecule superresolution Microscopy
Promtor: Erwin Petrman, Holger Lill; co-promotor: Yves Bollen
Defense: 2 February 2017

Joris Paijmans
A Computatioal Study of the Robustness of CellularOscillators
Promotor: Pieter Rein ten Wolde; co-promotor: David Lubensky
Defense: 20 January 2017