Thesis defenses in 2010

Toncho Ivanov 
XUV spectroscopy of highly excited states in H2, HD and D2 (pdf)
promotores: W.M.G. Ubachs, C. A. de Lange
defense: 7 December 2010

Thomas Cohen-Stuart
Stalking Electrons in Demanding Environments
promotor: R. van Grondelle
defense: 3 December 2010 

Daniel Irimia 
Femtosecond imaging and control of molecular photodynamics (pdf)
Promotores: M.H.M. Janssen
defense: 30 September 2010

Maria Ofelia Vieitez Hornos
XUV laser studies of Rydberg-valence states in N2 and H+H− heavy Rydberg states (pdf)
promotores: W.M.G. Ubachs, C. A. de Lange, L.E. Berg; copromotor: O. Launila
defense: 2 June 2010

Olga Sytina
Enzymatic activity and excited state processes in protochlorophyllide
promotores: M.L. Groot, R. van Grondelle
defense: 9 February 2010

K. C. Toh
Light activation mechanisms of regulation of photosynthesis in bacteria
promotores: J. Kennis, R. van Grondelle
defense: 27 January 2010